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Unleashing the Tech Revolution: Agri-startups Powering Indian Agriculture's Future

Agri-tech start-ups in India are leveraging AI, IoT, and Big Data Analytics to address the challenges faced in the agricultural value chain. By providing accurate information to farmers, bridging knowledge gaps, and introducing innovative solutions, these start-ups are transforming the sector and driving economic growth, employment opportunities, and food security in the country.

Eashani Chettri
Agri-tech start-ups provide numerous solutions for the hiccups that arise in the Indian agricultural value chain (Photo courtesy: Unsplash)
Agri-tech start-ups provide numerous solutions for the hiccups that arise in the Indian agricultural value chain (Photo courtesy: Unsplash)

Agri-tech start-ups have been dubbed as a ‘ray of hope’ considering the numerous solutions that they provide for the hiccups that arise in the Indian agricultural value chain. The use of AI, IoT, Big Data Analytics, drones for farm mapping, ICT applications, and technology for weather forecasting has been incorporated and the Indian start-up scenario has firmly been manning the technological wave.


The introduction of high-tech facilities in Indian agriculture has long been overdue. We are a country with immense agricultural potential- but only combined with technology will we be able to reach the same threshold as that of the first world countries.

Lack of information on sowing and pre-harvest activities, lack of awareness of government policies at farm level, lack of infrastructure and connectivity, lack of skilled labor for adopting tech integration at farm level are some of the problems that affect the agricultural value chain at different points. Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi-NCR have the most number of Agri-tech start-ups in the country and the agri-tech scenario in the country is only likely to expand and grow further.


So, what are the gaps that agri-tech start-ups are filling in the Indian agricultural value chain?

One of the key areas where the Indian agricultural system lacks is the quality of information that is provided to the farmers. In the age of information overload, farmers are often left behind due to the amount of inaccurate and unscientific information. Agri-startups can tackle this issue at the root, by creating a safe and correct information repository for farmers where they can come for scientific and proven methods.

The emergence of all innovations and technology-driven powerful startups is poised to revolutionize the food and agriculture sector. From ICT apps to farm automation, weather forecasting to drone use, inputs retailing and equipment renting to online vegetable marketing, smart poultry, and dairy ventures to smart agriculture, protected cultivation to innovative food processing and packaging.


Different initiatives are being taken by both the government and private parties. The "Agriculture Accelerator Fund" and the "Agricultural Credit Target" were both boosted in Budget 2023 with an emphasis on animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries. The goal of agricultural credit was also increased to Rs. 20 lakh crore.

The agri-startup scenario has immense potential for the growth, as identified by the government and the private corporations alike. It will provide a much needed boost to the economy, allowing chunks of the population to provide income for themselves. This lies in accordance with the idea of self-employment; one that the present government is greatly in favor of. And providing and generating employment in the agriculture sector is a massive boost to any nation as this promises food security alongside an increase in purchasing power of the population.


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