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When To Harvest Spinach for Maximum Yield

Spinach, known as Palak in India is even considered as super food for future.  The tasty leaves can be grown in our home gardens and harvested in a bulk if we know when to plant and harvest.

Anju M U
Proper time for spinach

Loaded with nutrients and low-calorie, the leafy veggie Spinach has numerous benefits to your skin, hair and bones. Including the green leaves to your healthy diet will help reduce blood sugar, prevent from cancer and aid you to have good bone health and eyes.  

Spinach, known as Palak in India is even considered as superfood for future.  The tasty leaves can be grown in our home gardens and harvested in a bulk if we know when to plant and harvest. 

In order to get bumper yields from spinach; it has to be planted in proper time. The three planting times are very early spring, late summer or early fall, and 
late fall through mid-winter.  

If the spinach is sown in extreme or early part of summer, it has to be covered with a shade cloth or with a layer of thin row envelop. 

Proper Time to Harvest Spinach

It is important to know when to harvest the fresh leaves and mature leaves of spinach.  For baby spinach, the leaves can be taken out if they reached at a width of golf ball. Its leaves are in round shape and tender, can be harvested after 20- 30 days after sowing the seeds.  

For mature spinach leaves, need to wait for it becoming thick, broad and crinkled leaves. After 40- 50 days of sowing, they can be harvested.  

Like knowing the proper time to start harvesting of baby spinach, it also need to be in note that when to stop harvesting in the baby stage. It is better to leave them grow after two harvests. Because it helps the plant develops mature leaves for a third harvest with fully mature leaves. 

Spinach planted in early spring, will have baby leaves in mid- spring and grows up to mature greens in late spring.

The green veggie planted in the late summer, can be harvested in the mid to late fall or early winter. Baby greens arrive in mid-fall, whereas the mature leaves will come out in winter or early spring. 

The good harvest period for late fall or mid- winter planting, will germinate its baby greens in spring. As it is the good time for spinach cultivation, it matures quickly into big and succulent leaves.  

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