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86th Zebu Expo will be from 25th April to 3rd May 2020

The ExpoZebu 2019 ended on May 5, surpassing expectations of public and registering high financial movement. President of the entity, Arnaldo Manuel Machado Borges said, "Everything that was programmed was well done! The ExpoZebu 2019, in addition to, once again, realizing its technical character, was a great international, national and municipal fraternization.

Chander Mohan

The ExpoZebu 2019 ended on May 5, surpassing expectations of public and registering high financial movement. 

President of the entity, Arnaldo Manuel Machado Borges said, "Everything that was programmed was well done! The ExpoZebu 2019, in addition to, once again, realizing its technical character, was a great international, national and municipal fraternization. I thank all the associates, commercial partners, service providers and, of course, all ABCZ employees, for this great dedication. I also thank the people of Uberaba and all the national and international visitors who have honored our fair. We celebrated our first centenary and, without a doubt, we began to write the next hundred years with a historic fair”.

The board of ABCZ decided that next year 2020 fair will be held from April 25 (Saturday) to May 3 (Sunday). 

"We set the date in advance so that the creators can participate in all the events of the 86th ExpoZebu. With that, we have already kicked off the preparations for the upcoming fair and hope to repeat the success we had in this year's edition, "said Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges, president of ABCZ. 

The agenda of the auctions has also begun to be delineated. The success of the 85th ExpoZebu events was so great that the ABCZ board has already received four requests for auctions to ExpoZebu 2020. 

The forecast of attracting about 280 thousand people to the Parque Fernando Costa and Experimental Farm of ABCZ-Orestes Prata Tibery Júnior was the most interesting thing. Throughout ExpoZebu 2019 there were 291,456 visitors. The amount equals a growth of more than 20 percent compared to last edition. 

Also noteworthy was the participation of international visitors, which was again a record, with 17 percent more than in 2018. There were 603 foreigners interested in the genetics of Brazilian Zebu, from 37 countries, hosted at the ExpoZebu International Exhibition.

Another great highlight of the fair was the amount of animals participating. Between zebuínos for judgments, milk control and exhibition, are 1817 specimens. When we also added animals at auctions, malls, horses and mules, ExpoZebu 2019 brought together 4,094 animals. Figures that also represent a growth compared to the previous year and prove the strength of the event. 

The financial movement with the auctions also increased. In 28 auctioned in this edition, the total turnover of about R $ 49 million. In this value will still be added the results with the eight animal malls that will release the balance in the coming days. 

The President of ABCZ Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges expresses his gratitude and acknowledges ExpoZebu has exceeded all expectations. ABCZ  grow in business; in public; number of international visitors; in events in our programming; and in actions to promote our genetics, Zebu's meat and milk. The Association  thus celebrate, with mastery, the centenary of the Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (ABCZ). 

A celebration that was only possible due to the involvement of a great team in the organization and the accomplishment of the 85th ExpoZebu. For this reason, we would like to thank the Board of Directors of ABCZ:  The breeders and exhibitors, who brightened the fair bringing excellent zebu animals, an expression of the full potential of the Brazil livestock. 

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