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BSP Supremo Mayawati Takes to Twitter to Spread Awareness on Lumpy Skin Disease & Other Farmer Issues

Mayawati posted a few tweets regarding the rising issue of Lumpy skin disease.

Shruti Kandwal
Mayawati, National President, Bahujan Samaj Party
Mayawati, National President, Bahujan Samaj Party

With the rising cases of Lumpy Skin disease throughout the country, the government has taken precautions by starting vaccination drives and taking responsibility for spreading awareness about the disease affecting cattle.

Bahujan Samaj Party national president Mayawati on Thursday said that the government should pay immediate attention to the farmers' welfare.

In a series of tweets, she added, Uttar Pradesh's sugarcane farmers had huge arrears, which the government has acknowledged in the Legislative Assembly. As a result, the government must take strict measures to secure the payment of these debts while carrying out its obligations in full.

In another tweet she mentioned, though being an agrarian country, it has always been a grave concern how little attention the government gives to agriculture and farmers' interest, but now that they are not receiving a fair price for their produce, huge arrears of sugarcane farmers, loss of livestock, etc., rural India is struggling. "The government should pay attention immediately."

She further expressed her concern about the death of thousands of cattle due to the "Lumpy" disease and stated how it had caused new problems for poor rural India across Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, and UP and now spreading over to many other states.

Since livestock is the foundation of rural self-sufficiency, she urged that the UP and other state governments must offer the affected people adequate financial support.

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