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DU College Sets Up Cow Centre at Its Campus; Will Provide Milk & Curd To Students

Called Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra, the centeR has been started with one cow and, according to principal Dr. Rama, will be expanded “if the research that is done proves to be useful and beneficial”.

Ayushi Raina
Hansraj College  sets up Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra
Hansraj College sets up Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra

One of Delhi University’s leading colleges - Hansraj College is currently in the midst of controversy after launching a cow protection and research center on its campus.

The Swami Dayanand Saraswati Gau-Samwardhan ewam Anusandhan Kendra began with one cow and would be expanded "if the research that is done proves to be valuable and beneficial," according to principal Dr. Rama. 

According to the principal, the center will not just do "research on various elements of the cow." It would also provide "quality milk and ghee" to students as well as for the monthly "havan" (prayer ceremony) held on campus, she said. 

"We are a DAV Trust college, and our foundation is the Arya Samaj. In keeping with that tradition, we hold a havan on the first day of every month, which is open to both teaching and non-teaching staff and students. During that (havan), we felicitate all the people who have their birthdays that month. Every month, we must travel to the market to purchase the items we need to offer to the flame, such as pure ghee. We can be self-sufficient now in this,” she said. 

The cow center is currently an enclosure at the college entrance for the men's hostel. But there's more on the way. According to the principal, the college is working on a gobar gas plant that can be supported by the center. 

"Apart from that, we may do research on several aspects of the cow.  Another idea is that when the hostel opens, there will be pure milk and pure curd available for the students," she said. 

Delhi University officials are not sure if similar initiatives exist in other DU colleges. “I was not even aware of this particular project. It must be an initiative taken at the college’s level,” said Registar Vikas Gupta. 

But then, not everyone on campus is onboard. According to the Hansraj College unit of the CPI (M)’s Students’ Federation of India (SFI), the cow center was built on land earmarked for a women's hostel — the college now has only a men's hostel. 

"SFI Hansraj unequivocally condemns and protests the construction of a GauShala...on the exact site that was set aside for a women's hostel, the construction of which has been put on hold for many years... We find it disgusting that our college management prioritizes the 'preservation and promotion' of cows over the interests of struggling female students whose interests are being neglected for such an illogical decision," said the SFI in a statement. 

The principal, Dr. Rama, disputes the SFI charge. 

"First and foremost, that location is too tiny for our planned hostel, which would accommodate at least 100 students. That site is not reserved for the hostel.   We are going through numerous procedures to build the hostel, as well as rewriting the college's master plan which will need to be authorized by the municipal council," she said. 

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