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Government is Offering Loan Along With 33% Subsidy to Start Dairy Business

Efforts are being made by the central government to promote milk production as well as the dairy business in the country. In this sequence, important steps have been taken by the Haryana State Government for the livestock farmers, which will greatly benefit them.

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Dairy Business
Dairy Business

Efforts are being made by the central government to promote milk production as well as dairy business in the country. In this sequence, important steps have been taken by the Haryana State Government for the livestock farmers, which will greatly benefit them.

The Haryana government is giving 25% subsidy to Livestock Farmers

According to Dr. Dharmendra, Deputy Director, Department of Animal Husbandry, many schemes were started in the department to increase the income of Dairy Farmers wherein they were provided a 25% subsidy for opening a dairy farm consisting of 10 animals. The Animal Husbandry Department has informed that the subsidy has been divided into two categories, in which loans will be given at 25% subsidy to start a dairy farm with 4 or 10 animals. Along with this, the farmers interested in rearing sheep, goats & pigs will also be given a 25% grant.


  • The applicant should be a resident of Haryana.

  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 to 55 years.

  • It is important for the applicant to have any training in the animal husbandry-related field.

Dairy Loan: Documents Required to Apply for Subsidy

If you want to avail subsidy on Dairy loan to open dairy then you have to apply for that. For this, you will need the following documents which are as follows-

  • Aadhar card of the Animal Husbandry Farmer.

  • Applicant's pan card.

  • Applicant's family Identity card.

  • Canceled check of applicant's bank account.

  • No objection certificate of the bank has to be attached.

Subsidy available for Dairy Business through NABARD

Loans are also given by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for buying cattle, dairy businesses under Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme. If you want to open a dairy of 10 animals, then you will need 10 lakh. Under the DEDS scheme of the Ministry of Agriculture, you will get a subsidy of about 2.5 lakh. This subsidy is given by NABARD.

Under the DEDS scheme, a subsidy of up to 25% is given on the cost of the project. If you come from the reserved category, then this subsidy can be up to 33%. This subsidy will be provided only for opening a dairy of up to 10 animals.

Where to Apply for Subsidy?

NABARD has its office in every district. The Animal Husbandry Department of the district can help you with this work. The officials of NABARD also keep making people aware from time to time to start their work.

Mini Dairy Scheme

The Mini dairy scheme is being run by the government for which subsidy is given to the milk producers. Progressive farmers and educated youth unemployed are provided 5/10 milch cattle under this scheme.

Grant amount to be given for 5 Milch Cattle

These cattle can be cow or buffalo. Under this scheme, 5 milch cattle are given on 50% subsidy and 50% bank loan. Cattle are given to the beneficiary in two stages. Money is given through the bank for the purchase of 3 cattle in the first phase & 2 cattle after 6 months. In the scheme, the cost of Rs. 45 thousand for the purchase of cattle & Rs. 20,000 for insurance premium for cattle for 3 years is given to the beneficiary.

Subsidy for 10 Milch Cattle

Self-help groups can also take advantage of this scheme. Milk animals are provided to all on 40% subsidy and 60% bank loan. 55 cattle are given at an interval of 6 months, through this scheme Rs. 3,50,000 for the production and Rs.90,000 for shed construction are given to the beneficiary. You can get information by contacting the Regional Development Officer, apart from this; you can also contact your nearest Dairy Animal Development Center & District Animal Husbandry Officer to get information on the subject of milk production, cattle & grants.

Kamdhenu Scheme is giving employment to Youth in Rajasthan

Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana is being operated by the Rajasthan government to promote hi-tech dairy farms of an indigenous cow. All the farmers, cattle rearers, cow rearers, women, men & youth of the state have been considered eligible. The scheme is being operated through the Animal Husbandry Department. According to the breeding policy, milkmen can establish dairy of indigenous advanced cows by cultivating indigenous cows.

Loan & Subsidy Available under Kamdhenu Dairy Scheme

The maximum cost of one unit under Kamdhenu Dairy Yojana would be Rs 36.68 lakh. In which 30% of the project cost will be spent by the government and 10% amount will have to be invested by the entrepreneur setting up the dairy. An amount of 60% will be given by the bank for Animal Husbandry. An educated cattle farmer setting up a dairy is required to have experience in animal husbandry & own land. 90% of the total cost is provided loan to the farmer for raising 30 cows at 4% interest.

If the livestock owners repay the loan in time, then they are also given a subsidy of up to 30%. In accordance with the breeding policy of the Animal Husbandry Department, in the financial year 2020-21, Kamdhenu dairies are being opened through the selected farmers by the government. There will be 30 cows of the same breed, which will have high milking capacity. This scheme is for a maximum of 30 cows or buffaloes.

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