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Government Provides up to 50% Subsidy, Loan Facility to Livestock Farmers, SHGs, FPOs and Companies

In order to develop animal husbandry sector, the central, as well as state government, provides loans and subsidies to those involved in it (farmers, SHGs, companies etc).

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Animal Husbandry Sector Offers Lots of Employment Opportunities

Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Parshottam Rupala said that animal Husbandry is a state subject hence it is the responsibility of State Governments to arrange the animal feed for good health of livestock including the necessary financial requirements. 

He added that the Centre is supplementing efforts made by the State Government.

Government Schemes and Subsidies for animal husbandry sector

The Central Government has launched the Scheme National Livestock Mission (NLM). The Sub-mission on Feed and Fodder Development is being implemented under NLM that aims towards encouraging entrepreneurs for establishment of fodder Block/Hay Bailing/Silage Making Units by offering 50% subsidy up to Rs.50 lakh. The Individuals, Self Help Group (SHG), Farmers Cooperative Organizations (FCOs), Joint Liability Groups (JLG), Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs), and Section 8 companies are eligible to take benefit of this scheme.

In addition, the Centre is providing assistance for the development of seed multiplication chain for production of quality fodder seed.

Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF), is a flagship scheme of DAHD (of Rs. 15,000 crores), under which Eligible Entities (EE) - individual entrepreneurs, private companies, FPOs, MSMEs & Section 8 companies are incentivised for setting up Animal Feed manufacturing plants and strengthening of existing units/ plant in the categories such as Establishment of Mini, Medium and Large Animal Feed Plant; Total Mixed Ration Block Making Unit; By pass protein unit; Enrich Silage making unit, Feed supplement/ Feed premixes/ Mineral Mixture Plant and Animal Feed Testing Laboratory. 

They can avail loan up to 90% for this. The Centre provides 3.0% interest subvention with 2 years moratorium.

The State Governments can also avail benefit under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana for setting up of Animal feed plant.

The arrangement/set up of cowshed is vested on the State Governments. For this many State Governments have implemented schemes for establishment of cow sheds. Besides, the Animal Welfare Board of India is also providing shelter grants to the Animal Welfare Organizations & Gaushalas to keep the stray & unproductive animals.

Schemes for livestock farmers or animal rearers

The following schemes are being implemented by Centre to provide grants for livestock farmers or animal rearers:

Development Programmes:

  • Rashtriya Gokul Mission for development of cattle & buffalo breeds

  • National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD) for dairy development

  • National Livestock Mission (NLM) for development of goat, sheep, pig, poultry & feed and fodder

  • Livestock Census and Integrated Sample Survey (LC & ISS) for conducting Census & sample survey.

Disease Control programme:

It provides assistance for control of animal diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease, Brucellosis, Classical Swine Fever, Peste des petits Ruminants (PPR) and also to provide assistance to State Governments for Control of other infectious diseases.

Infrastructure Development Fund:

  • The Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development fund (AHIDF)

  • Dairy Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)

  • Support to Dairy Cooperatives & Farmer Producer Organizations engaged in Dairy activities.

These schemes incentivize to establish as well as strengthen the Dairy Processing and Value Addition Infrastructure, Meat Processing and Value Addition Infrastructure, Animal Feed Plant and Breed Multiplication Farms which are technologically improved.

Livestock Farming: How to apply for a loan/subsidy

You can either visit the official government website or contact the agriculture department in your district or state.

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