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Government Releases Breed-Wise Report of Livestock & Poultry Based on 20th Livestock Census

The findings are based on breed-specific data obtained during the 2018-19 Livestock Census.

Chintu Das
Cattle Farming
Cattle Farming

Indigenous and nondescript cattle make up 73% of the overall cattle population of 19.35 crore, while exotic and crossbred cattle account for about 26%. However with regards to the fowl population, desi fowl account for just 36% of the overall fowl population of 80.78 crore, whereas improved species account for 64% of the total fowl population.

These findings are based on breed-specific data obtained during the 2018-19 Livestock Census. Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairy, issued the report on Thursday. The Census was noteworthy in that it was the first time that the government used tablet computers to gather data, and both livestock and poultry birds were tallied according to breeds recognised by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR).

Given the importance of the livestock industry, policymakers and researchers must identify various breeds so that the species may be genetically updated for maximum product performance and other purposes, according to an official statement published following the release.

The NBAGR has recorded 184 recognised indigenous/exotic and crossbred breeds of 19 different species in this report. This study covers four exotic/crossbred cow breeds as well as 41 recognised indigenous breeds. Cattle account for 36.04 percent of the livestock population, according to the Census.

In total exotic/crossbred cattle, Crossbred Jersey has the biggest proportion with 49.3% vs 39.3% for Crossbred Holstein Friesian (HF). Gir, Lakhimi, and Sahiwal breeds account for the majority of the 14.21 crore indigenous cattle population. The Murrah breed, which is popular in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, provides 42.8 percent of the buffalo population.

In terms of sheep, the nation has three exotic kinds and 26 indigenous breeds. The Corriedale breed is the most common pure exotic breed, accounting for 17.33% of the total, while the Nellore breed is the most common indigenous breed, accounting for 20% of the total.

There are 28 indigenous goat breeds, with the Black Bengal breed contributing the most (18.6%). In pigs, crossbred pigs account for 86.6 percent of the total, with Yorkshire accounting for 8.4 percent and indigenous pigs accounting for 3.9 percent.

Aseel breed contributes significantly to both backyard poultry and commercial poultry farms in desi fowl.

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