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Jabriel - The Million Dollar Brazilian Cow; You Will Be Shocked to Know the Price of Its Semen

Jabriel is a powerful and intimidating beast. His humped appearance, bulk, and weight signify all that a bull is valued and admired for. He is practically at the top of the cattle sector in Brazil, which is big, intricate, and money-driven

Kritika Madhukar
The DNA of the most elite cows and bulls are preserved and fertilized at laboratories
The DNA of the most elite cows and bulls are preserved and fertilized at laboratories

Jabriel is a "luxury bull," with DNA so flawless that he lives protected at the farm of a lab in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais, where his sperm may be used to father up to 600,000 cattle. A bull like Jabriel is worth up to $1 million.

Jabriel is owned by Navirai Farm. The Rodrigues family, owners of a 38,000-acre farm and one of the Brazilian families that have been cross-breeding cattle for decades increased the quality of the meat and the profitability of their beef herds.

Their work extends back to the nineteenth century, when the zebu, a horned and humped animal, was brought over from India to breed with the European breeds. The zebu, considered a sacred animal in India, has also become sacred to Brazilian farmers, as its genes are present in some of the country's most coveted bulls, such as Jabriel.

Farmers collaborate with genetics businesses to increase herd performance and profitability.

The DNA of the most elite cows and bulls are preserved and fertilized at laboratories such as Alta Genetics in the state of Uberaba before the embryos are transferred to the company's client breeders and affluent farmers to artificially inseminate surrogate cows across the country.

Alta Genetics has a capacity of 279 bulls that are meticulously cared for to ensure a good semen output.

These farmers and scientists are attempting to develop cattle that are fatter, stronger, and mature faster. The ultimate objective of this procedure is to boost Brazil's dominance in the worldwide meat business, even to the point of developing animals that are immune to climate change.

The sperm from these extraordinary bulls may cost up to $5,000 for each 0.55ml dosage, thus purchasing them is an investment. "It's an animal that's turning into a bank because its genetic material is so valuable.

The cattle owners keep these kinds of animals in the labs; it's like a pet store. The owner retains the bull at Alta Genetics and mixes its genetic material with other high-quality animals on his farm, maybe selling the [offspring of] these animals at auction.

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