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Meet Rs 1 Crore Bull ‘Krishna’ Whose Sperms Cost Rs 1000 per Dose

A four-day agricultural fair (Krishi Mela 2021) was organized in Bangalore on November 11. Today, on the last day of the fair, Krishna bull remained in the discussion. Crowds of buyers gathered to see Krishna. This bull of three and a half years old remained the first choice of bull buyers. Bull owner Boregowda told that it is a bull of Hallikar breed.

Ayushi Raina
Rs.1 Crore Bull ‘Krishna’
Rs.1 Crore Bull ‘Krishna’

A four-day agricultural fair (Krishi Mela 2021) was organized in Bangalore on November 11. The main highlight of the fair was a bull named ‘Krishna’. A huge crowd gathered to see this bull. Bull owner Boregowda told that it is a bull of Hallikar breed.

This agricultural fair was organized in a very state-of-the-art manner wherein people participated both physically and virtually. 

This fair was organized in Bangalore for four days. This agricultural fair remains in the discussion every year for one reason or the other. This time Krishna bull was the main attraction of the people. The bull owner stated that there is a high demand for the sperm of Hallikar bulls, i.e. semen 

He said that he sells a dose of its semen for 1 thousand rupees. Boregowda said that all the cattle of the Halikar breed are known for milk containing A2 proton. The bull owner told that now this species is slowly becoming extinct.  

Traders bid up to not thousands, not lakhs but crores, to purchase the Krishna bull. According to the bull owner, a customer purchased Krishna bull for Rs.1 crore during the fair. 

The bull owner's face was filled with excitement as a result of Krishna's bidding. Borgowda claimed that despite Krishna's age is three and a half years, he left the bulls older than him behind. According to Bore Gowda, bulls are often sold for between 1 to 2 lakhs during the fair conducted here. 

I never got such a big bid for the bull. He told that the specialty of this breed of bulls is that their weight ranges from 800 to 1000 kg and ranges from 6.5 feet to 8 feet. 

“With proper care, Krishna will live another 20 years. We want people to use this opportunity to breed more Hallikar Cattle. We are taking good care of him as it is important to do so to breed more Hallikar cattle, which will provide healthy milk” said Boregowda, the bull’s keeper.

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