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Paddy Crisis Worsens Telangana's Soaring Poultry Feed Cost Situation

While chicken prices are rising due to rising costs of feed, the ongoing paddy procurement crisis has exacerbated the situation.

Chintu Das
Poultry Feed
Poultry Feed

The current paddy procurement crisis has aggravated the situation since chicken prices are rising owing to increased feed costs. The price of rice bran used as poultry feed has increased because rice mills are not grinding the paddy since the state government has not issued a levy.

The feed, which is largely utilised for layer populations, is presently approximately 16 per kilogramme, up from 13 per kilogramme just a few days earlier. The industry is acquiring wheat bran from Punjab and rice bran from other states, particularly neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, for the first time since the state's formation. The layer population in the state is four crore, far more than the broiler population. Poultry feed is made out of rice bran, soy protein, and maize.

Rice bran is utilised as feed in a variety of ways, with different protein percentages. The cost of 14 percent protein bran is slightly cheaper than the cost of 18 percent protein feed. "The oil level in the 18% feed is greater, and finding this feed is tough right now," a senior official in the animal husbandry department explained.

After being griddled in rice mills, bran is sent to oil plants to be extracted. In the 18% protein diet, more oil is retained.

Small farmers are concerned about having to pay more for feed. Despite the fact that consumer market rates are high, their margins have reduced. "Not just the poultry industry, but even the dairy sector would suffer major challenges if procurement does not begin promptly," poultry farmer Rajiv Amaram warned.

To reduce input costs, the poultry sector has recently requested subsidies on maize and rice. K.V. Mukunda Reddy, president of the Andhra Pradesh State Poultry Federation (APSPF), appealed to the state government to provide subsidies on maize, rice, and broken rice to help manage the poultry industry's issue.

Mr. Mukunda Reddy indicated that the poultry business has suffered a significant loss as a result of rising input costs and falling market egg prices.

"If the state government provides subsidies on maize, rice, and broken rice, the cost of producing feed can be reduced. Mr. Mukunda Reddy stated, "However, a subsidy on electricity comparable to what is granted to the agriculture sector might come to the poultry industry's rescue."

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