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Poultry Farming: Earn In Lakhs from Kadaknath Chicken; Know How

Chicken, one of the favourite food of non-vegetarians, because of its superfine taste. Today, we are discussing the chicken whose taste and quality, both are excellent and much better than any common chicken. And at the same time, you can easily earn millions of rupees by nurturing this species of chicken.

Sangeeta Soni
Two Young Kadaknath Chickens
Two Young Kadaknath Chickens

Chicken is one of the most popular dishes among non-vegetarians due to its superfine taste. Today, we'll talk about a chicken whose taste and quality are both exceptional and far superior to that of ordinary chicken. At the same time, raising this type of chicken can easily yield you millions of rupees.

We are talking about Kadaknath Chicken/Kali Masi Chicken/Fowl having black flesh, an Indian breed of chicken having black meat and skin. This is mostly found in tribal region of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. The most surprising thing for you is that, you can earn millions of rupees by just nurturing 1 thousand Kadaknath chicken.

What’s so special about Kadaknath?

In India, Kadaknath chicken is the only black flesh chicken. Several research has found that, in comparison to white meat chicken, black meat chicken has a lower cholesterol content and a higher amino acid content. It tastes a lot better than native chicken.

Black in color, the flesh, blood, beak, eggs, tongue, and body all contain a large amount of protein. Furthermore, the fat content is really minimal. It is excellent for heart and diabetes patients because of its high nutritional value.

Another unexpected fact is that Virat Kohli, the leader of the Indian cricket team, was also recommended to eat this chicken.

From Where can you get Kadaknath?

The Kala Mali chicken is indigenous to Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua district's tribal region. However, this chicken breed may now be found in several Indian states, including Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. This chicken is in high demand all around the country.

This chicken comes in three varieties: Jade Black, Pensield, and Golden Kadaknath. Jade Black's wings are totally black, while Pensield's form is similar to that of a pencil. Gold splashes can be seen on the wings of Golden Kadaknath.

How to Raise and Nurture Kadaknath ?

Producing Kadaknath chicken might help you make a lot of money. You'll need 150 square feet of area to raise 100 Kadaknath chicks. And you'll need 1500 square feet of area for 1000 Kali Masi.

Remember that chickens must be reared in a location outside of the village or city where there is sufficient water and electricity.

For Kadaknath hens, a shed must be built with enough light and air to allow them to thrive. Keep in mind, however, that two sheds should not be stored together.

In addition, only one breed of chicken can be maintained in a shed. Food should not be provided to the hens at night or in the dark.

Kadaknath chicken and eggs are in high demand in the market. One egg costs approximately Rs.50. And per kilogram of Kadaknath cock, you can get between Rs.900 and Rs.1000. And a one-day age chick costs between Rs.70 and Rs.100. 

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