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Breeds Of Chicken
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India has come a long way in the rearing of poultry for egg production in the last two decades. Some factors that have contributed to this growth are high quality chicks, modern equipment and vaccination. With a yearly output of 41.06 billion eggs, India is the fourth largest producer of eggs in the world.  

In backyard farming and poultry brooding, probably the biggest incentive to invest in Chicken is for its production of eggs. The common control hen, the desi, is as a rule the best mother for hatching. However, with many types of hybrids and fowls reared in different parts of India, it is difficult to know which breed is likely to give the highest Return on Investment (ROI). 

Here is a list of best breeds of Chicken that yield high number of eggs, to help you make your brooding profitable


Eggs of Kadaknath are light brown in colour. A medium layer, lays about 80 eggs per year. The bird is resistant to diseases if well looked after.

Cari Nirbheek 

A variation of Aseel chicken, this breed is reared to produce eggs as it can lay upto 200 eggs a year with each egg weighing 54 grams. 


Developed in Karnataka, this chicken lays about 130-150 eggs per year each of which weighs about 50 grams and is brown in colour. 

Plymouth Rock 

Hailing from the west, this breed has become famous in India among egg producing farms. They come in different colors like black frizzle, blue, Partridge, Columbian and can lay approximately 250 eggs in a year. 


These are one of the most beautiful chicken breeds grown India, with roots abroad. They are fluffy and come in various colours like lavender, white, black, and blue and can lay around 200 eggs in a year. 


A multi-coloured egg producer, this breed is popular in rural, backyard farming for it’s egg producing capacity. It lays brown eggs that are heavier than native chicken eggs, weighing around 55 to 60gms each. This bird is hardy, adaptive and has very good immunocompetence, making it’s lifespan longer than usual birds. 

Rainbow Rooster 

Rainbow rooster is a dual purpose, low input, multicolored chicken. They can sustain sustain free-range and are conducive to backyard rearing conditions. When managed as a layer, with commercial feeds, rainbow roosters will lay 160-180 eggs in 72 weeks (16 months) with an average egg weight of 60 gms. The layers start laying at 160 days (5 months). 

If you are looking for any of these breeds to increase egg production, you are in luck.  

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