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Profitable Business Idea: Earn Up to Rs 2 Lakhs from Beekeeping; Government is Providing 85% Subsidy

Profitable Business Idea: This is Beekeeping business or Apiculture, you can start it with low investment and earn in lakhs every month. The most important thing about this business is that you can also get subsidy from the government to start it.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Bee Keeping is one of the most profitable Agri-Business Enterprise
Bee Keeping is one of the most profitable Agri-Business Enterprise

Profitable Business Idea: You know what’s the best thing about starting an Agri Business? It is that it requires less investment and has the potential to give you Profit- worth lakhs! And not just that the government of India also supports the agribusinesses by providing various loans & grants to start these business. In this article today, we are going to tell you about such a Profitable Business Idea, through which you will be able to earn up to Rs 2 Lakhs.  

This is Beekeeping business or Apiculture, you can start it with low investment and earn in lakhs every month. The most important thing about this business is that you can also get subsidy from the government to start it.  

What is Beekeeping Business?  

Beekeeping is a low cost business idea. You earn money by selling honey and related products. But you don’t have to have thousands of bee hives. In order to start, you can have as less as 50 hives. 

Get 85% Govt. Subsidy of Bee Keeping business: 

Bee Keeping Subsidy: National Bee Board (NBB) in collaboration with NABARD has formulated schemes for financing the beekeeper business in India. They also provide assistance for employment of women in this sector. You can visit the nearest National Bee Board office or get information from the website. Let us tell you that the government gives subsidy from 80 to 85% on beekeeping. You can take advantage of starting this business. 

Bee Keeping Business Plan: 

Any business will only flourish when you have in-depth understanding of it. For starting Bee Keeping business you can contact the nearest KVK or Agriculture University and enquire if they are providing some Beekeeping Training. For example, PAU will be providing 21 Day Training on Apiculture From 8th February 2022. You may register for such programs. 

How is Beekeeping Market? 

Along with honey there are many other products you can produce such as beeswax, royal jelly, propolis or bee gum as well as bee pollen. All these products are very beneficial for humans and are very expensive in the market. That is, there is a lot of demand in the market. We are telling you about the market value of these products, so that you can know how you will earn money from its various products. 

Beekeeping Business: Profits 

Current market prices of raw honey are Rs 150-200, and if on an average you are able produce even 1000 Kg of honey, then you can easily make Rs 2 lakh. 

NOTE: This is average data, you may produce less than 1000 kg honey, but within a few years of running this business, your earning potential will become crores of rupees very soon. 

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