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Profitable Diwali Business Ideas with Huge Success Rate

Take advantage of this festive season to start a successful and profitable business. Here, we have listed some highly successful business ideas that do really well in terms of money around the Diwali festival. Keep reading to know more!

Binita Kumari
It must be noted that Govt provides loans to start these businesses
It must be noted that Govt provides loans to start these businesses

The time for Goddess Lakshmi to come knocking on your door is here! Diwali brings a lot of hope and positivity, especially in financial areas, and the surge in the gifting and purchasing spirit of the masses brings possibilities for a successful business. 

Top Profitable Diwali business ideas 

Here are some profitable business ideas you should follow to start your own successful business.

Snacks Business

People love sweet and savory snacks and around this time of the year, snacks are a major hit. But with a hectic life, people do not have the time to make the cumbersome snacks and prefer to outsource the job often.

Snack-making business can be highly profitable if you can make sure the quality is really great. To make your snacks more alluring, you can add fancy packaging, customized gift packs, and attractive deals and offers to bring in customers.

Diya Selling Business

Soil Lamps (Mitti Ke Diye) are lit outside every home during Diwali. These Soil Lamps are necessary to make this celebration complete. During the Diwali season, you might start a business creating and selling oil lamps. Selling eye-catching soil lamps in a variety of sizes and colors at this time will bring in a good income.

Eco-friendly lamps can be purchased at affordable prices, helping to save the environment. This business can be started with very little capital outlay, and it pays well.

Mehndi and Rangoli Services Business

In India, women and girls put mehndi in their hands during several festivities. Good mehndi application requires an art that not everyone possesses. You can apply mehndi to the hands of women and girls and make significant money doing so by providing mehndi services.

This is a profitable venture that you can run all year round. In India, ladies decorate their homes' courtyards with rangoli. On certain occasions, individuals nowadays want to create a large Rangoli in front of their homes and flats.

People hire others to draw the Rangoli in front of their homes or apartments since drawing a decent rangoli is a skill that not everyone possesses. Thousands of rupees are often spent on it so making Rangolis in people's courtyards during Diwali is another way to make a lot of money.

House Cleaning Services Business

When the house is cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint, you can tell its Diwali. When Diwali is halfway through and the cleaning is finished, you realize that you are too exhausted to participate in the festivities. One of the emerging business opportunities that have received significant traction is this one. Most people like to have their homes cleaned and painted. This is a great seasonal business idea to start if you are knowledgeable about it.

You can work with businesses that hire independent contractors to provide cleaning and other services. If you promote it effectively, there's a good possibility it won't just be a seasonal business idea.

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