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Crop Protection for the Farmers

Various countries celebrate a National Farmers Day to mark their gratitude towards the farmers of the nation. India celebrates Kisan Divas i.e. National Farmers Day on December 23rd. Its been a testing time for all this year, be it the pandemic lockdown, attack by the locusts, etc. Nevertheless, our farmers had remained determined the pandemic not to disrupt their livelihood.

Vipin Saini
Kisan Diwas
Indian Farmer

In India, the crop protection products, commonly referred to as pesticides (including Chemical & biological), microbials, PGRs etc. Such products help the farmers to protect their crops from crop pests & plant disease. These products are highly regulated and need to undergo stringent safety evaluations through a mammoth of scientific data that supports the product approved uses. Such products are governed under the Insecticides Act, 1968 and Rules, 1971 in the country.

According to sources, as on November 30th 2020, there have been 295 registered ingredients. These active ingredients or technical pesticides are further available for agriculture, household and public health in the form of user friendly 750 formulations.

Uses of such pesticides cover around 100 crops after a series of bio-efficacy trials conducted across the country. The information on the major uses of pesticides can be viewed at http://www.ppqs.gov.in/divisions/cib-rc/major-uses-of-pesticides

As the nation celebrates Kisan diwas through various events being organized, we would like to salute our farmers for their continued efforts to help the nation attain and secure food security. Crop Care Division at Krishi Jagran, we feel privileged to share the available information on pesticides that are approved by the CIB&RC for our farmers to apply approved and appropriate quantity of pesticides. This will help out the farmers to produce food void of pesticide residues and to explore export options of their produce.

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