Doubling Farmers Income: Complete Guide & Action Plan for Farmers to Increase Their Income

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Doubling Farmers Income has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Farmers who play a vital role in the Indian economy are mostly not aware of this Central Government strategy of doubling farmer’s income by the financial year 2022-23. In this guide, we will explain to you what is Doubling Farmers Income, Why it is important, How can we double the income of farmers, and much more beneficial information for our farmers.

What is Doubling Farmers Income?

In simple words, Doubling Farmers Income is a central government strategy to help the farmers by doubling their income by 2022-23. The plan has recognized the need to raise farmer’s income as a direct measure to promote farmers' welfare. Doubling Farmers Income can directly have a positive effect on the future of agriculture.

Why Doubling Farmers Income is important?

  1. If the income earned by the farmer is doubled then he/she will use better farm machinery, better and advanced technologies for farming to increase productivity, better quality of seeds, etc.

  2. Therefore, increasing farmer’s income means increasing agricultural productivity.

  3. Doubling Farmers Income will not only increase agriculture production by using better farming techniques but also improve the quality of crops.

  4. Both the quantity and quality of food can be achieved by Doubling Farmers Income.

  5. It will lead to the growth of the Indian economy.

  6. Incident of farmer’s suicide will come to an end if farmers are financially satisfied.

How can we double the income of farmers?

Strong measures are required to fulfill the aim of doubling the income of farmers.

The following measure can be taken within the agriculture sector to double farmer’s income:

  • Improvement in productivity

  • Saving in cost of production

  • Cropping intensity must be increased

  • There must be diversification towards high-value crops

  • Action plan to double farmers income outside the agriculture sector include:

  • Plan to shift cultivators from farm to non-farm occupations

  • There must be an improvement in terms of trade for farmers or real prices received by farmers

  • What is the Strategy for Improving Farmers Income?

Farmers must adopt these strategies to improve their income

  • Development initiatives like infrastructure

  • Better Technology

  • Awareness and implementation of Policies

  • Institutional mechanisms

  • Roadmap and Action Plan

The Action Plan for doubling farmer’s income:

  1. Increase in productivity of crops

  2. Increase in crop intensity must be adopted

  3. Increase in production of livestock must be done

  4. There should be an improvement in the efficiency of input use

  5. Diversification towards high-value crops

  6. Improved price realization by farmers

  7. The shift of cultivators to non-farm jobs plays a vital role in doubling farmer's income.

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