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Zydex Industries Showcases Zytonic Technology's Remarkable Impact on Banana Crop to Farmers in Ayodhya

Dr. Santosh Mishra, DGM of Zydex Industries, along with his team, took center stage on August 16th in Barwa village, Ayodhya, as they presented the outstanding results of Zytonic technology on banana crops through a compelling crop show.

Aysha Anam
Banana crop flourish with  Zytonic Technology
Banana crop flourish with Zytonic Technology

Zydex Industries DGM Dr. Santosh Mishra and his team on Wednesday addressed a gathering of farmers at Barwa village, Ayodhya. They showcased how effective Zytonic technology is, a soil technology that addresses all the aspects of physical, biological, and chemical properties of farm soils, on banana and sugarcane crops.

Team Zydex briefed the farmers on the role played by Zytonic technology in improving soil structure, soil biology by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This technology will enable farmers to save water, eliminate the use of chemicals, and adopt sustainable and profitable organic farming. The impact of Zytonic technology on effective crop management in adverse conditions was also discussed.

More than 150 farmers participated from seven to eight villages nearby. At least 12 farmers shared their experiences on the benefits of using Zytonic technology in various crops like potato, paddy, sugarcane, onion, vegetables, tomato, bananas, etc.

Zytonic-M technology comprehensively addresses soil's physical, biological, and chemical aspects. Physically, it enhances soil pliability, germination, and porosity for improved water retention and root growth even in adverse conditions. Biologically, it boosts beneficial microorganisms through enhanced porosity, leading to better nutrient absorption and notable water and chemical fertilizer savings of 20-40% and 25-50% respectively. Chemically, Zytonic-M enhances nutrient uptake, promoting lush greenery, higher photosynthesis, and soil organic content. This holistic approach fosters resilient crops with increased resistance to pests and diseases.

Dr. Mishra, Mr. Karunesh Kumar (RSM), Mr. Adesh Srivastava (Agronomist), and Mr Dharmendra Verma (Local sales officers) from Zydex Industries also participated in the crop show.

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