Food India Expo 2023

Food India Expo 2023
Food India Expo 2023

Food India Expo is India's 5th Largest International Brand Promotion Exhibition and Conference on Rice, Wheel, Flour, Pulse, Oil, Spices, Team, Coffee, Organic Products, Food Grains, and other Food Industries.

It brings together various firms from the sector for which the expo is organized in the exhibition area and allows these companies to share information about the future and develop business connections.


  • Punjab is India's Agri/Food capital, accounting for more than 40% of wheat and 26% of rice production.

  • Punjab is the world's leading producer of wheat, paddy, cotton, lychee, guava, and mandarin orange.

  • Punjab has the best Agro and Food Processing infrastructure in India, with world-class technologies and machinery infrastructure in place.

  • Agriculture provides approximately 21% of GDP to the economy, compared to 14% for all of India.

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Food India Expo 2023
Date: May 26-28, 2023

Krishi Jagran

Mobile: 9818895537, 9818893548, 9818893752

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