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Agricultural Machinery- Important Factors To Be Considered

Choosing the right agricultural gear is critical for producing high-quality products in your field. Here are some considerations that have to be undertaken while purchasing agricultural machinery.

Chintu Das
Agricultural Machine spraying in the feild
Agricultural Machine spraying in the feild

Farm machinery is one of the crucial factors that impact the productivity of the quality of food. Farmers now have access to practically all types of agricultural machinery through local manufacturers, dealers, and online agricultural machinery marketplaces.

Farm machinery and equipment must be appropriate for the farmer's demands and requirements. By choosing the right farm machinery, farmers may save money on operational costs, boost revenues, and grow more crops with less work.

Because farm machine performance is influenced by soil and weather conditions, the following considerations should be made while selecting the right type of machinery for your farm:

- Check for Spare Parts Availability 

One of the most important elements to consider when acquiring farm equipment or agricultural machinery is the simplicity with which spare parts can be bought.

- Examine the Machine's Design 

Examine all technical parameters, such as machine settings, vibrations, wear points, and noise, as these should all be considered for the machine's use.

- Model and Brand Name 

Do not solely rely on the appearance of a machine. Purchase a farming machine from a well-known agriculture brand like Mahindra, Fieldking, Sonalika, or Farmtrac. Find the most up-to-date models with the best features that meet your requirements. 

- Take into account the resale value 

Consider all expenditures, including operating, ownership, machinery, and labor, to ensure that the total cost does not exceed the resale value of the machinery. 

- Farmland Dimensions 

The more land area there is, the more machinery is needed to fulfil harvesting and planting chores on time. Furthermore, the farmer may receive an increase in the amount of machinery or tractors. A tractor with a 1 horsepower engine, for example, is perfect for 2 hectares of land.

- Soil Characteristics 

Depending on the kind of soil, heavier or lighter equipment should be selected. For farms with light soil, a farm machine with a higher earth clearance and low weight is recommended.

- Repairing Facility or Service Center Availability 

It is vital to identify which brand of farm machinery dealer is closest to you in order to prevent having to look for a service facility during an emergency.

Operational Ease for Long Working Hours 

The farm machinery you want to acquire should not demand a lot of work or energy to run. When choosing a farm machine, consider its ability to adapt to multiple jobs and long working hours.

Predictable service years, the farm machine's original cost, and so on are a few other considerations.


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