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Revolution in Agriculture Technology: Best Electric Tractors for Farmers

A farmer is constantly looking for ways to make farming easier or less expensive. And technology provides a solution to this dilemma by making farming simpler or less expensive. Electric tractors are useful in farming since they reduce fuel usage. It is powered by batteries, making farming simple and cost-effective.

Ayushi Raina
Electric Tractor
Electric Tractor

Electric Tractors are the beginning of new era of Agriculture Technology. A farmer is constantly looking for ways to make farming easier or less expensive. And technology provides a solution to this dilemma Electric tractors are useful in farming since they reduce fuel usage. It is powered by batteries, making farming simple and cost-effective.

In this Article, we're talking about the electric tractors that have already been launched or are about to hit the Indian market and their benefits for future farming.

GridCon Electric Tractor by John Deere

  • John Deere revealed the development of a high-performance, self-driving, completely electric tractor. GridCON is an electric cable-powered agricultural equipment that can provide up to 400HP (300kW) of total power.

  • The SESAM (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery) was the OEM's first totally electric tractor, which debuted in 2016, but this successor looks quite different.

  • The GridCON is a totally electric, permanently cable-powered vehicle with full autonomous capabilities. It has no cab and no rows of batteries underneath the bonnet.

  • The machine, which is based on a John Deere 6210R tractor, uses a cable connection from the field edge to the machine to deliver power constantly at over 300kW. The continuously variable transmission is driven by a 100kW electric motor, and there is an extra outlet for tools powered by a 200kW electric motor.

  • When compared to battery-powered counterparts, the prototype has a 50% cheaper machine and running cost. A tractor-mounted drum can carry up to 1,000 metres of cable, which may be expanded if necessary.

  • The vehicle, which has an autonomous operating speed of 12mph (20km/h), can also be steered manually through a remote control.

  • The functional prototype's total weight is 8.5 metric tonnes, which is close to the weight of the conventional tractor on which it is based, but with twice the power. The research engineers plan to lower the weight even further, with the goal of shaving at least one metric tonne of weight.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

  • A state-of-the-art 35 HP, IP67 compliant 25.5 kw naturally cooling compact battery powers the Sonalika Tiger Electric.

  • In 10 hours, the high-quality battery may be fully charged at a standard home charging station. The Tiger Electric can also be charged in only four hours using the company's rapid charging option.

  • It is both environmentally friendly and financially effective when compared to diesel and petrol engines, since the operating expenses are reduced by around 75%.

  • With a top speed of 24.93 kmph and an 8-hour battery backup, the energy-efficient, German-designed etrac motor delivers exceptional power density and peak torque.

  • The tractor is based on Sonalika's proven tractor platform, making it farmer-friendly and simple to use while providing maximum performance at all times.

  • The Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor has a warranty of 5000 hours/5 years.

  • Because no heat is passed from the engine, Tiger Electric ensures greater comfort for farmers.

  • Because there are fewer parts put on the tractor, there is no product downtime and maintenance costs are less.

  • The Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is available for reservation at an initial price of INR 5,99,000 in India.

Escort Electric Tractor Farmtrac (26E)

  • The firm is currently planning to officially unleash the autonomous tractor on the Indian market. The autonomous farm vehicle, also known as Farmtrac (26E) or, more often, Farmtrac Atom 26, has been developed and delivers the force of cutting edge computerized vehicle improvements to enable precision based agriculture.

  • The self-propelled farming tractor has a power range of 21 HP to 30 HP. It has advanced features including auto-steering, intelligent instruments and sprayers, automated instrument control, authentic GPS tracking devices, geo-fencing, and automatic and manual programmed transmission.

  • The farm vehicle will be equipped with oil-immersed brakes, position and drafting control switch power controlling, constant high-torque network transmission at zero acceleration, and may be easily accused at home of the help of common power attachments.

The autonomous tractor will assist in the robotization of 80 percent of the activities, such as furrowing and sowing. The farm hauler's innovation will take soil moisture levels into account and utilise geo-fencing to organise crop fields.

  • The auto-directing capacity will assist in driving the farm vehicle in an organized manner while performing furrowing and cultivating operations. It will increase crop efficiency and output by 10 to 15% while lowering operating costs by 35%.

  • Escorts has not uncovered the work vehicle's probable price; in any case, it intends to present compensation per-utilize rental models where farmers won't be needed to buy costly hardware.

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