Grading and Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables for Increasing Farmer’s Income

Grading of Fruits

Grading of farm produce is an important marketing function in mainly vegetables and fruits production for increasing the level of income in Agri Business. Grading and sorting is an activity where farmer differentiate commodities according to quality specifications. It implies the division of products into classes made up of unit possessing similar characteristics of size and quality. Agri produce may be difference in quality or shape or size or features of the products.

As we know if farm produce are sold out in a lot where products are mixed in size and shape, then price can be affected. Suppose a farmer have a bag of vegetable or fruits products. Where 80% of his products are good in shape and size and quality, and rest of 20% are less good, consequently it may be possible that 20% of his product can make bad impression of his whole production. So all is need to grading and sorting of farm product before sold. Grading adds value of products and it helps the producer to get proper prices of his commodities.  

Due to variations in quality of agricultural produce brought to the market by farmers over time and over regions, it is essential to grade the produce on scientific lines for linking the price of the produce to the variations in grade and quality. Scientific grading should be based on objective evaluation of quality aspects so that the sellers could be able to describe the quality that they are offering and the buyers should understand what is being offered to them in the market. In view of this, efforts have been made to organize the marketing of agricultural commodities on scientific lines after the enactment of the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1937. 

Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables 

Immature, diseased and badly brushed fruits and vegetables are sorted out. Most of the countries have their own set of standards of domestic trade and for international trade. Most of the farmers does not have knowledge about sorting and its benefits. The technique of sorting can make significance impact on their farm income. Sorting of fruits and vegetable can be depend on following methods. 

Sorting Categorization 

Damage product 

The damaged product should be avoided. It should be separated from fruit lot, and the well mature product should be taken. 


Diseased free fruit and vegetable should be collected from a lot. It is essential for sorting. 

Insect cutting products 

Insect cutting fruit must be avoided because consumers want good fruit. 


Mature fruit is delicious. So maturity is very much needed for fruits. 


Colors should be lightable. Well-colored fruit should be selected that attract the consumer. Colour also indicates the maturity level of the seed. 


In the case of packaging, the shape is essential. Some type of fruit should be selected for packaging in case of sorting. 


Size also an essential matter for sorting fruits from a fruit lot. We should select the same size of the fruit. 

Grading of Fruits and Vegetables  

Grading is categorizing the produce into different lots, each containing similar characteristics. The characteristics could be one or more of the following type: 

Grading Categorization 


Big, medium, small, long, short, roundish, oblong etc. 


which in turn speaks of taste or class. 


raw, semi-ripe, ripe in case of fruits, oilseeds, pulses and cereals 

Length of staple 

in case of cotton and jute. 

Location oriented 

like Goa Alfanso, Bydagi chillies, Baiganpalli mango, and Nagpur orange 

Nasik grapes 

having specific tastes, shape, colour etc. 

Purpose of Grading- 

  • The main purpose of grading is classification of commodities in various categories like A, B, C etc.  

  • Sorting fruits and vegetables for food pasteurization that are extra matured. 

  • Arranging the commodities for animal’s use which is not able to use us. 

  • Sell those fruits and vegetables which are on extra ripening stage at low price in order to reduce economic loss. 

Advantages of Grading:  

Grading is very helpful to the all the stockholders who are related to agri-business like farm producers, buyers, sellers, and final consumers. It adds more value to the product so that they can get their beneficiary. Here we are discussing some effective advances of grading. 

  • Grading is the activity which helps increase the demand of goods. Graded goods have quality to attract the customer.  

  • After grading Customers don’t bother to enquire about the goods. It makes easy to sold the produce. 

  • Grading makes easy to marketing the goods. 

  • Because of grading products are less negotiable, therefore it gives more benefits to producer. 

  • Graded products have reasonable price while rest have difference in  price as per their quality. 

  • Supply contract become easier for graded products. Because identification of graded commodities are easies too. 

  • For the financial management of the enterprise graded products are very helpful. These products can be used easily, as security loans can be arranged as security of these products. 

  • Grading helps to create perfect competition in the market as it will set a good standard of equivalent grades and materials competition 

  • It helps farmer to increase the price due to grading their produce. 

  • It meant to describe the quality of farm produce for sales / purchase activity. 

  • It protects consumers from unfair trade practices by traders or farmers and also enables farmers to get price as per quality and grade. 

  • It assures quality of commodity so that farmer can get their fare remuneration.  


Main objective of grading in agriculture is earning more and more income. It’s usually seen that when farmer sell their commodities in market without grading they cannot get good price of their produce. Grading has capacity to create a brand value of any products. Suppose a farmer selling only graded product which is good in quality, quantity, and test. He will become brand in his business. Customer can buy his commodity faithfully. Therefore we can say that grading has significant impact in Agri-Business for earning more profits.  


Dr. Ayush Kumar Pathak*, Dr. Mahesh Kumar* and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma** 

Assistant Professor*, Principal**,  

Department of Agriculture 

JBIT College of Applied Science, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 

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