Off Season Vegetable Production

Off Season Vegetables
Off Season Vegetables

Agriculture is regarded as India's economic backbone. It plays a crucial function in the economic growth process. According to the Economic Survey 2017-2018, agriculture contributed roughly 16% of India's GDP at current prices. Agriculture contributes significantly more to the Indian economy than the global average (6.4 percent ).

The increase in agricultural production over time is a good indicator of agriculture sector growth. By 2022, India is predicted to have achieved the lofty aim of doubling farm revenue.

Off season vegetable cultivation refers to the production of fresh vegetables outside of their typical cropping cycle, i.e. when supply is low and prices are high. The concept of off-season vegetable growing is new to the growers, and they don't know everything there is to know about it. This is one of the modern practice which can give farmer higher profit and satisfy the requirement of consumers at anytime anywhere with more choices.

The main objective of off season vegetable cultivation is to produce and supply the vegetables to the market during their lean period.

The off season vegetable production can be obtained by different ways such as

  • Taking use of and utilising various agro-climatic conditions.

  • Improved varieties are chosen.

  • Adjustment of planting time.

  • Making plastic tunnels, polythene houses, and permanent glass houses to provide controlled environmental conditions.

Off season vegetable planting have various advantages like:

  • It helps in the more effective and efficient use of land and farm resources.

  • The per-unit result of off-season planting is excellent.

  • Consumers nowadays prefer fresh veggies even when they are not in season, and off-season vegetable cultivation can meet this need.

  • It is sometimes feasible to gain foreign exchange by exporting fresh veggies.

  • It is a great source of preventive food that also contributes to nutritional security.

  • It's a good choice for seed production.

Farmer working for off season vegetable
Farmer working for off season vegetable

It also offers many benefits to the farmers like:

  • Small and marginal farmers will benefit from this type of production.

  • This keeps the farmer employed all year, which helps to tackle the problem of unemployment.

  • Farmers can study particular vegetable production techniques, which expands their knowledge and enthusiasm in the field.

  • It instils confidence in farmers that make vegetable farming their main profession.

Due to off season vegetable production:

  • The government is supporting with it by implementing new policies.

  • Cooperative marketing societies are also playing a role in this evolution.

  • Women are capable of equally contributing to marketing efforts.

  • Farmers began to form relationships with wholesalers and retailers in the local market, among other things.

Apart from advantages there are some disadvantages of off season vegetable production like:

  • Vegetable production costs are higher.

  • The cost of constructing the plastic houses is higher.

  • It requires costly seeds.

  • On a commercial scale, it is possible, but only in places where marketing is not a problem.

  • It requires ongoing supervision.

  • It requires a higher level of expertise than usual season production.

  • It can also be dangerous due to the chance of disease and pest infestation.

  • It has the tendency to pollute the environment.

There are many others problems too in off season vegetable planting which may limit to some of the farmers for growing off season vegetables. And it is necessary to know about that also:

  • Continuous support for improved technology is lacking.

  • In addition, adequate packing materials are not readily available.

  • The market information system is not accessible.

  • This produce is not covered by crop insurance.

  • Government rules have an impact on production.

  • The production area has an unorganized market.

  • There is also a dearth of marketing education and extension services.

Even though off season vegetable production has various disadvantages and flaws then also there are many opportunities in growing off season vegetables.

  • It provides more open export markets to farmers and traders than the existing opportunities to traders at local regional and global level.

  • It provides opportunities for exporters and various stakeholders.

There are various types of off season vegetable production in India

Vegetables which can be cultivated as off season are:

Cabbage                                        Leafy vegetables

Cauliflower                                     Beans

Capsicum                                       Pointed gourds

Tomato                                          Turnip

Brinjal                                            Okra

Cucumber                                       Radish

Summer squash                              Carrot

Watermelon                                    Potato

Bitter gourds                                  Chilli

Green peas                                     Garlic

Swiss Chard                                    onion 

Source: PRE-68/68/October,2007/rev 2

Practical Tips for off season vegetable farming:

  • Individuals should have some practical knowledge of this strategy before attempting to implement it.

  • Vegetable cultivation timing must be precise.

  • In order to get a better profit margin, the market demand for the vegetable should be considered and grown correspondingly.



  • Under the plastic sheet, the farmer must ensure that the plant they are producing has the potential to self-pollinate.

  • Land used for off-season vegetable production should be examined to determine the quality of the land for agricultural purposes.

  • This is how off season vegetable cultivation can be carried out.

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Compiled by : Dr. J M Deshmukh  (Assistant professor COA, Latur)  

                       V.G .Dhulgand (Phd Scholar,V.N.M.K.V, Parbhani)

                        Sonali Vasudeo Kanade (M.sc Scholar COA,Latur)           

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