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8 Reasons Why You Should Include Brown Bread in Your Diet

Brown bread is very healthy and bears many health benefits such as controlling your blood sugar levels, better bowel movements, reduces cholesterol and supplement for the bodybuilders

Chintu Das

Brown bread has gained popularity in recent times as a more healthier variety of bread. They are made of convincing amounts of whole grain flour, mostly wheat and rye, and rarely colored with darkened ingredients like molasses or coffee.

One thing to note is that being brown coloured does not decide if the bread is nutritious or healthy for your body. If the bread is made of whole-wheat or grain, then only it retains all the health benefits in it. If it’s coloured then it will have added sugars and lose out on all the other nutrients. 

Brown bread is healthier because it contains the bran and germ of the wheat flour, and all the necessary nutrients are intact. Brown bread can be found in many forms in the market such as loaves, rolls and buns. 

Health benefits of brown bread

Here is a list of brown bread health benefits:  

- Brown bread has a lot of fiber in it and is considered beneficial in controlling your blood sugar levels and can be eaten by diabetic patients as well. 

- It acts as a natural laxative and helps in better bowel movements. If you are somebody with constipation and hemorrhoid problems, then you should definitely give brown bread a try. 

-If you are somebody who gets a bloated stomach after having white bread, then you should shift to brown bread as you can expect to feel way less bloated after eating the same. 

- Fibers present in brown bread is helpful in reducing cholesterol and keeps heart diseases away from you. 

- Those of you attempting for a weight loss can eat brown bread as it contains less calories and is high on carbohydrates. Eating the same keeps you full for a longer time due to the abundance of fiber in it. 

- It is seen in studies that eating a slice of brown bread before you go to bead can reduce stress in your body and let you sleep and rest well. 

- Eating brown bread can add a lot of vitamins and minerals to your diet. It is a great source of vitamin E, vitamin B and vitamin K. Get it on your daily diet and stay energetic and productive throughout the day. 

- Brown bread is good for bodybuilding as it contains high amounts of complex carbohydrates and protein in it. Along with other nutrients makes it a perfect supplement for the bodybuilders. 

Bottom Line: 

Please go through the ingredients list thoroughly before purchasing a pack of brown bread. Check that ‘whole wheat flour’ is actually mentioned in the ingredients list. Sometimes manufacturers mention it as multi grain etc, which is a common way to cover up the fact that whole wheat grain is not kept intact in the pack.  

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