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Five Good Reasons to Switch Over to Buffalo Milk

Have you ever tasted or tried Buffalo milk. If not then do try it as buffalo milk offers numerous health benefits. In this article we have mentioned five important benefits of buffalo milk

Abha Toppo
buffalo milk
Buffalo milk

Buffalo milk is not a popular variety of milk as people are unaware of its health benefits. The very first image that comes to our mind when we think of milk is of a Cow…isn’t it? The reason for this could be that until now we have only consumed cow milk.

In different parts of the world including India where different buffalo species are still in high supply, this milk represents a key component of a healthy diet. Buffalo milk offers many health benefits like the ability to build strong bones, protect the heart, promote growth, stimulate circulation & lower blood pressure.

Buffalo milk nutrients

Buffalo milk is rich in calcium, iron, protein, phosphorus, vitamin A, and many other essential compounds. It is also notably higher in fat content than the traditional cow milk.


Buffalo Milk










110 kcal

Sugar lactose    


Saturated Fat    


Monounsaturated Fat  


Polyunsaturated Fat      





195 µg

Buffalo milk benefits

Lets know in detail about the health benefits of buffalo milk

Buffalo milk is a Good Source of Protein

Buffalo milk is wholesome source of protein and thus is a perfect drink for those who want to increase their muscle mass. Health experts say that Buffalo milk is more protein-dense than the cow milk. It must be noted that as protein takes much time to digest it will keep you full for a longer spell. Protein is necessary to repair all the muscular wear & tear in your body. In addition, it is required for smooth functioning of various enzymes and hormones.

It helps in Growth & Development

As per research, just like cow milk, buffalo milk is also high in protein content. In fact, it contains 10 percent more protein than cow milk. Hence it is good for the growth as well as development of kids, adolescents and adults.

buffalo milk
Raw milk

Buffalo milk is good for Heart Health

Buffalo milk is very good for your overall heart health. It is rich in calcium i.e. 412.4mg in one cup of milk. Calcium helps in warding off the risk of hypertension by keeping blood vessels flexible that ensures smooth flow of blood. The milk is also very low in cholesterol in comparison to other milk sources that is again good for heart.

It strengthens your bone

Buffalo milk is also a good source of calcium. It is also loaded with other minerals like copper, manganese, zinc and phosphorous that further help in strengthening bones. Buffalo milk has more calcium than cow milk. It can help in preventing the onset of bone related ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Buffalo milk boosts Immunity

Buffalo milk contains good amount of vitamin A & vitamin C and these two vitamins are vital for proper functioning of immune system and overall protection of our body. These two vitamins work as antioxidants, cleanses the body of harmful free radicals & toxins that can lead to chronic illness.

It Enhances Skin Health

Buffalo milk is very good for your skin as it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Buffalo milk keeps the skin nourished & vitalized with a bevy of nutrients. You may also use buffalo milk to make home-made face pack for a glowing and beautiful skin.

Hope the article was beneficial for you!! 

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