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Having Acidity Problem? Try These 8 Home Remedies and Get Quick Relief

Here is a list of 8 simple home remedies featuring ingredients available in your home that can be used to get rid of stomach acidity.

Chintu Das

Acidity happens when there is abundance of acids in the stomach due to over secretion, delivering gas, awful breath, stomach ache etc. Acidity can be caused because of a long halt between meals, bare stomach or excessive intake of tea, coffee, smoking and liquor. Also can be set off by a heavy and spicy feast. So as to dispose of the equivalent, we frequently resort to different cures. In this article I have incorporated few top notch home solutions for acidity that may come to incredible assistance in disposing of acidity issues.

Home remedies for acidity problem

Follow them and watch out for results.

Basil Leaves:

The relieving and calming properties of basil leaves can give you an instant alleviation from acidity. Basil leaves also helps with flatulence. Whenever there's any hint of gas, put a couple of raw or boiled basil leaves in some water and let it stew for a couple of moments. Sip on it afterwards to get relief.


This modest spice does wonders in curing stomach acidity and can soothe your stomach in no time. It acts as a natural antacid by correcting digestion and assimilation. Regular drinking of cinnamon tea is good for fixing infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Apart from that cinnamon is full of supplements and stacked with wellbeing properties.


Whenever you get acidity in the wake of eating a substantial or zesty dinner, avoid anti acid pills and gulp a glass of chaas. Lactic acid is present in buttermilk that standardizes acidity in the stomach. Adding black pepper or a few coriander leaves can be more beneficial.


Remember when mother offered you Gur whenever you have an upset stomach. Reason behind that is that Gur contains high amounts of magnesium and helps your intestines become strong. It helps in digestion and makes your stomach alkaline, hence decreasing stomach acidity. Suck on a little bit of gur after a feast, and receive the rewards.


Cloves cures flatulence and aids in lessening the formation of gas. In general also, try to add cloves while cooking food to keep acidity at bay. You can even eat squashed cloves and cardamom in similar amounts in order to treat acidity and bad breath.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds function as an extraordinary acidity neutralizer, helps in digestion and calms stomach pain. Marginally crush some roasted cumin seeds, mix it into a glass of water or in some hot water and drink it after each meal to get relief.


Bananas hold a lot of significance. Bananas contain antacids that can act as a cushion against indigestion and acidity. This is the most readily available home solution for disposing of acidity. Eat one banana consistently to forestall distress.

Coconut Water:

Drinking coconut water makes your stomach alkaline in nature. Coconut water also supports formation of mucous membranes in your stomach which helps your stomach from the ill effects of acidity. Also coconut is high in fibre and helps with digestion as well.

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