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How Home Plants Are Beneficial For Health

Plants in home or in work place do not only give attractive appearance to the particular space but they can also give you many health benefits

Shikha Parewa
Indoor Plant
Indoor Plant

Today people prefer plants to enhance the beauty of their living places. Keeping green plants at home or office is becoming a trend. Let me tell you that plants not only enhances the beauty of a particular place, but also reduces stress and cures imbalanced heart rate.

Plants at home or in office are considered as mini oxygen factories that clean the air by absorbing toxins.

Let’s discuss some additional benefits of home plant:

Good for health:

It is proved that plants can help us to maintain a good health. It helps in calming your heart rate, reduce muscle tension which is caused by stress. Presence of plants helps to cure high blood pressure too.

Concentrated mind:

Plants at home are not only beneficial for physical health, but also help to create a healthy mind. Plants make us relax and increase our concentration. Plants at home create a healthy and positive atmosphere around us.

Good for the recovery of patients:

Generally, you must have seen that we prefer to give a bunch of flower when we meet someone in hospital. It gives good feelings; plants and flowers are helpful to recover patients from surgery and ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Plants helps you recover from illness faster.

Give boost to your productivity:

Plants, especially at work place, increase productivity along with creativity. Plants create a stress free environment. Multiple researches have proven that plants at work place can make employees more efficient and effective.

Increase the quality of indoor air:

According to a scientific research, indoor plants absorb pollutants from the air. According to a research conducted by NASA, roots and soil of houseplants reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You must also keep NASA-approved plants indoors.

Some of the most preferred and famous plants for home are mentioned below:

Snake Plant:

This is one of the tropical plants that have thin and upright leaves. It looks like a skin of reptile. Snake plant is resistant to drought conditions and this is the reason that they are preferred for indoor plantation. Snake plant requires bright indirect to low light and water in interval of 2 to 3 weeks.

ZZ Plant:

ZZ Plants come under the category of those plants which require low maintenance. This plant can to survive in extremely dry conditions. It can be very good gift for plant lovers because the name of this plant stands for friendship and prosperity. These plants require medium to low indirect light and water in interval of 2 to 3 weeks.


Pothos plant resembles Philodendron. They are also known as cubicle plant. This can flourish in almost any kind of atmosphere. It requires medium to low indirect light and water in interval of 1 to 2 weeks.


This is an ideal plant for a high shelf as its vines can trail to over 10 feet long. This is also one of the low maintenance houseplant. It grows well in summer season.

It requires bright indirect to low light and water in interval of 1 to 2 weeks.

These are some of the most preferred indoor plants. We should add such plants to enhance the overall look of a space. This creative appearance of a space would boost moods reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants. Also know how to make small garden look big.

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