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Know Why Sesame Seeds is a Complete Health Package

Sesame seeds are very potent and contain several vitamins and minerals needed by the body for optimum functioning. Consuming sesame seeds regularly can help in fighting heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. It also helps in formation of blood, keeping the bones healthy and maintaining optimal thyroid levels.

Chintu Das
sesame seeds
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Here is a fact about Sesame seed, it is believed in the Assyrian mythology that the gods consumed sesame seed wine to create the world. In India, sesame is considered as a symbol of immortality and is often offered in funerals. It is believed that the offered sesame will help the mortal soul to pass on to the divine world. 

Sesame seeds are found in the sesame plant, scientifically known as Sesamum indicum. The seeds are very small and have an oval flat shape. It is the only variety of nut that has over 60% of oil in them. Sesame plant is also known as “survivor crop”because of its capability to survive extreme weather. 

Sesame seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Don’t judge because of its size, the seeds are very potent and possess many health benefits if consumed regularly with food. 

Health benefits of Sesame seeds

Rich in fiber: 

Sesame seed is a great choice to add to your food, if you want to increase fiber in your body. It is proven in studies, that around 3 to 4 grams of fiber is present in 2 teaspoon of sesame seeds. Same study also proves that by consuming adequate amount of fiber one can decline the possibility of heart diseases, weight gain and diabetes (type 2). 

Fights high cholesterol: 

Sesame seeds have a high amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat in them. Study has proven that by consuming more of the above mentioned fats can help in reducing high cholesterol. Sesame seeds keep the heart in good health. 

Keeps blood pressure in check: 

Sesame seeds have a very high concentration of magnesium, vitamin E and antioxidants that helps in keeping the arteries fat free. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack and sesame seeds keep a check on that. 

sesame seeds

Helps in keeping your bones fit: 

Unhusked sesame seeds have calcium and other needed minerals in it, which helps in keeping your bones strong and fit. The seeds also help in case you have an arthritic joint. It helps in mitigating the pain and reduces soreness in the joints. 

Helps in blood formation: 

A human needs several minerals and vitamins to form blood in the body. The major constituents of sesame seeds which aids in blood formation are iron, copper and B6 vitamin. Try to consume wet sesame seeds as it is easy for your body to absorb the nutrients.  

Keeps a control on Diabetes: 

Pinoresinol is a compound that is found in sesame seeds. Pinoresinol helps in regulating the sugar levels by breaking down blood sugar maltose. Also carbohydrates are minimal in sesame seeds, which further adds to lowering the sugar levels in your body. 

Good source of antioxidants: 

Your body needs to remove toxins in order to operate efficiently. Antioxidants help in removing toxins and sesame seed has a whole lot of it. Sesame lignans is one of the antioxidants found in Sesame seeds that shows anti-cancerous properties. 

Keeps thyroid problem at bay: 

Thyroid gland can make or break your body and can lead to complications such as weight gain, weight loss, hair loss etc. Sesame seeds contain zinc, tyrosine and other needed vitamins that supports the optimum levels of thyroid hormones in the body. 

Delay your menopause 

Sesame seeds boost estrogen in the body due to the presence of lignans in it. Estrogen hormone regulates the menstrual cycle in ladies along with other vital functions of the body. Phytoestrogens present in sesame seed act in the same way as estrogen and are beneficial for the body.  

Bottom Line: 

It is very easy to add sesame seeds into your diet. Just sprinkle them in your food and trust me when I say you will see a lot of positive changes in your body.    

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