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Strawberry Cultivation: Relish this Delicious Fruit at no cost by Planting at Home

Strawberries' nutritional detail and benefits, how to grow the strawberry plant at home in a container? When to replace the plant with a new one?

Swati Sharma
Strawberry Plant
Strawberry Plant

Strawberries are the fruit which is liked by people of all age because of their taste and nutrients. It's rich in vitamins and minerals with no fats and cholesterol. You can grow Strawberry at your home easily with very zero investment. It provides you with numerous health benefits together with a mouth-watering taste. 

Marilyn Monroe: Dating a new man is like a strawberry milkshake; first the taste, then the pleasure. 

Pre-cooling unit increases the Shelf Life of Strawberries

Sowing Time 

Strawberry grows in warm, sunny weather, March and April is the best time to plant the strawberries.  

Oh, perfect time now to plant as march has started.  

John Lennon: Strawberry fields are anywhere you want to go 

How to Plant Strawberry at home with low or zero investment? 

To plant Strawberry, you need below givens equipment and materials: 

  • Pot or container 

  • Pointed sharp tool 

  • Strawberry crown or seedlings 

  • Water 

  • Potting soil 

  • Liquid Fertilizers 

It's important to know that the strawberry plant needs full sun so find a spot where a bright sun can pour the light on the container for a minimum of six or more hours.The size of the crop and berry depends upon the amount of sun exposure. 


Fill the container with rich potting soil with the proper drainage system. Ensure to have a hole for drainage before filling soil in the container. 

Prepare the Plants 

You can use either bare-root crowns or rooted plants with leaves. If you put the heights, then it will take some time to establish and grow leaves. Traditional plants or transplants look nice in the container with immediate effect.   Don't put many plants in one container as plants need space to grow, so plant three plants per square foot. You can measure the container area before planting. 

Plant the strawberries 

Please make sure that the stem above the roots should come above the soil surface. Make a small hill with the potting soil, spread the roots on top of the hill, cover the same with potting soil, and water the ground well. If needed, put more soil after the soil settles by watering, but do not coat the crown with mud. 

Locate the container 

Now you can put the container where the plant can absorb the sunlight for a minimum 

6-8 hours. If the sunlight comes from one direction, then remember to rotate the container after every 3-4 days so that all plants can grow uniformly. To protect your plant from flies, insects, birds, etc., you can use fencing or a net. 

Water the plants 

You need to balance water in the strawberry plant; it should not be dry and should not sit with the water or soggy soil. Put the water in the container when soil is dry about 1 inch below the surface as the top surface dries faster than ground soil. You might need to water the plant twice on hot summer days. 

Furnish your strawberries 

Supplement feeding is essential for the proper growth of plants. You need to feed the balanced amount of liquid fertilizer in summer and fall, and the plant will begin forming perennating buds within the crown that will produce flowers and fruits next year. 

Provide winter safety 

Strawberries produce best if they take good sleep in the winter. In cold temperatures, the container can crack, and roots might freeze in colder areas. You can put your receptacle in a safe place where the weather is not freezing. You can set the water when the soil becomes absurdly dry. 

Benefits of Strawberry 

Boost your Immunity 

As we all know, Vitamin C is a good source of immunity. 

Maintain your EyeSight 

Antioxidant properties in strawberries help to control cataracts that can lead to blindness in older age. Vitamin C plays an essential part in strengthening the eye's cornea and retina. 

Helpful in cancer prevention 

A phytochemical ellagic acid emerges from strawberries. Ellagic acid has anti-cancer properties like crushing cancer cell growth. Strawberries also contain antioxidants lutein and zeathancins that neutralize the negative effect they have on our cells. 

Lower your cholesterol 

Researchers found that Strawberry has a zero cholesterol diet and reduces oxidative damage and blood lipids – both are beneficial for heart regulation and diabetes.  

Controls the weight 

Strawberries contain natural sugar that is only four gms per 100gram serving, and the total carbohydrate is less than the half slice of bread. You can freely add strawberries to your diet if you want to reduce or maintain the same as it contains low calories and keep the stomach full for longer than stops your unwanted hunger.

Good in Pregnancy 

Folate is a B-vitamin endorsed for women who are expecting or planning to conceive. Folate is essential to help develop the baby's brain, skull, and spinal cord, and it also helps to prevent some congenital disabilities like spina bifida. 

Strawberries Lifecycle 

With the best care also, strawberries can live only for the short term. You need to replace the plants roughly after three years when they stop producing flowers and fruits. Nevertheless, you can cut the runners and put them out in the pot to grow new strawberry plants for free. 

Nutritional breakfast
Strawberry in breakfast

We suggest you to plant the strawberry plants in the container as it's easy to relocate the position according to the sunlight. You can use the small space of your house; even gardeners also like to grow strawberries in containers. Growing strawberries in a container reduces the ground fungal and bacterial diseases. Containers also prevent garden chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. 

Marabel Morgan: The days were sunny, the nights were star-studded. Indeed married life was strawberries for breakfast and loving all the time. 

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