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Tea Adulteration: Here’s How to Check If Your Tea is Adulterated or Not?

Tea is one of the most preferred aromatic beverages in the world. Most tea connoisseurs show deep love for the drink and are passionate about it. They spend time researching its cultural significance and heritage.

Ayushi Raina
Tea and Tea Leaves
Tea and Tea Leaves

Tea is one of the world's most popular fragrant beverages. Many individuals drink it to refresh themselves, either in the morning or after a long day at work. Most tea enthusiasts have a deep connection with the beverage and are pleased about it.

They devote time to learn about its cultural value and legacy.

But how can you tell if the tea you're drinking is made from pure leaves rather than corrupted or exhausted leaves? It's tough to tell. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the country's top food regulator, has released a video on Instagram to assist you. 

The video explains how to determine if your tea leaves are tainted.

The standard test uses filter paper. Spread the tea leaves on the filter paper and sprinkle with water to moisten it. After a few minutes, remove the leaves and wash the paper under running water. Then, hold the paper up to the light and examine the stains. If the tea leaves are pure, there will be no discoloration on the paper.

The filter paper would contain blackish-brown streaks from the adulterated tea leaves.

When made using pure leaves, the aroma and health benefits of the tea are magnified. Tea can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some consume it black, while others add milk to it. Green tea is preferred by those who are conscious of their caloric intake. 

FSSAI proposed a simple test about a week ago to determine whether black pepper, an essential component in Indian cuisine, is adulterated. The food regulator explained how to tell the difference between pure black pepper and adulterated black pepper.

Similarly, the FSSAI mentioned how powdered brick and soapstone powder were added to red chilli powder to improve its colour. Because this harmed the health of individuals who consumed the contaminated chilli powder, the FSSAI proposed a simple test for that as well. 

So, anytime you suspect adulteration, use these easy tests to ensure the legitimacy of everything you're ingesting from now on. 

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