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Try Out These 5 Delicious Pakoda Recipes to Spice Up Your Holi

This Holi try these delicious pakoda recipes to impress your guests.

Vaishnavi Barthwal
Onion Pakoda
Onion Pakoda

It is time to prepare for the festivities and indulge in some delectable munchies with Holi just around the corner, and what better way to start the party off than with some savory pakodas?

These quick and simple pakoda dishes will dazzle your guests and satisfy your cravings, whether you're having a party or just looking for some nice snacks to nibble on. These dishes are ideal for adding flavor to your Holi celebrations without spending hours in the kitchen, ranging from traditional favorites like onion and potato pakodas to more inventive choices like tandoori and cheese pakodas. Get ready to cook up some delectable pakodas and spice up your Holi celebrations.

Onion Pakoda:

Onion Pakoda, sometimes referred to as Pyaz Ka Pakoda, is a fan favourite. Besan, salt, a few spices, and onion are all you need. To ensure that the onion fritters cook rapidly without burning, keep the heat at low to medium. 

Aloo Paneer Pakoda:

Kids and adults alike love aloo ka pakoda, but have you ever tried it with paneer? This recipe modification elevates the flavour to a completely new level. You won't be able to resist these mouth-watering Aloo Paneer Pakodas, we assure you.

Cheese Pakoda:

Nobody dislikes cheese, right? This is a recipe for pakoda that gives the traditional snack a cheesy spin. Enjoy every bite of the pakoda's crispiness and the cheese's creamy texture.

Tandoori Pakoda

Tandoori Pakoda is the way to go if you want a special and delectable pakoda recipe. While paneer pakoda is a well-known variation, this recipe enhances the flavour with tandoori spices.

Vegetable Pakoda

Mix vegetable pakodas add a variety of flavours to your pakoda list and are simple to make. The mixed vegetable pakodas will appeal to those who enjoy eating greens.

Try out these quick and simple pakoda dishes this Holi to provide your guests a delicious treat they will not soon forget.


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