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No Heatwave Alert for Delhi But Temperature to Reach 40°C Soon: IMD

The national capital is experiencing a gradual rise in temperatures, indicating the onset of warmer weather. While there's no imminent heatwave forecasted, the upward trend suggests that residents should prepare for the approaching summer season.

Pragya Nigam
(Representational Pic by Midjourney)
(Representational Pic by Midjourney)

As summer approaches, Delhi is heating up, with temperatures hitting 39.4 degrees Celsius on April 20, 2024, marking the highest so far this season. While the India Meteorological Department (IMD) doesn't foresee a heatwave, they predict Delhi could soon hit around 40 degrees Celsius. Over the next three days, the national capital is expected to see a significant temperature rise.

Although western disturbances are heading towards northwestern India, they're unlikely to affect Delhi much, according to the regional weather department. While there won't be a heatwave this week, Tuesday is expected to be clear with no rain in sight.

Looking back at recent years, Delhi has experienced scorching temperatures, with 2023 hitting a maximum of 40.6 degrees Celsius on April 14 and 2022 soaring to a staggering 43.5 degrees Celsius. IMD had earlier warned that Delhi could surpass 40 degrees this month, with temperatures increasing by 1-2 degrees Celsius throughout the week.

In 2021, the highest temperature peaked at 42.2 degrees Celsius, while in 2020, it reached 40.1 degrees Celsius. Monday saw the minimum temperature at a normal 23 degrees Celsius for this time of year, with a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius expected.

As the mercury rises, Delhiites need to stay cool and hydrated. While a full-blown heatwave isn't on the horizon, the uptick in temperatures reminds everyone to take precautions against the summer heat.

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