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Food Prices Expected to Drop Post-June, Says Finance Ministry

The government anticipates a reduction in food prices post-June as outlined in the recent monthly economic review report of Finance Ministry.

Shivam Dwivedi
Food Prices Expected to Drop Post-June, Says Finance Ministry (Photo Source: Pexels)
Food Prices Expected to Drop Post-June, Says Finance Ministry (Photo Source: Pexels)

In its recent monthly economic review, the finance ministry of India has highlighted expectations of a drop in food prices following the forecast of above-normal monsoon by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). This prediction is anticipated to significantly boost crop production across the country.

Decline in Food Prices

According to the finance ministry's report, food inflation in India showed a slight decline from 8.7 percent in February to 8.5 percent in March. This decrease is attributed to specific items like vegetables and pulses, which have been major contributors to food price fluctuations.

The government has been actively implementing measures to counter food price challenges. This includes actions such as bolstering stocks of essential food items, conducting regular open market releases, facilitating imports of crucial food products through trade policies, and preventing hoarding by enforcing stock limits and directing supplies through designated retail outlets.

The finance ministry's review underscores the potential relief in food prices with the IMD's forecast of above-normal rainfall during the upcoming monsoon season. The expected increase in rainfall, if well-distributed spatially and temporally, is likely to boost agricultural production.

CRISIL's Insights on Monsoon Predictions

CRISIL's recent report says, “The IMD has predicted an above-normal southwest monsoon in 2024. This augurs well for vegetable prices, but the distribution of monsoon is also crucial. IMD expects above-normal temperatures till June, which could keep vegetable prices elevated for the next few months.”

These forecasts and analyses highlight the potential for a shift in food price dynamics soon, contingent upon favorable monsoon conditions and effective government interventions to stabilize food markets.

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