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At Godrej Agrovet, there is no Women’s Day, Know Why

women employees at Godrej Agrovet do not need a special Women’s Day to celebrate their womanhood.

Shipra Singh
Godrej Agrovet
Godrej Agrovet

For a woman employee at Godrej Agrovet, it’s just another day, like it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Before you start thinking any negative about the Company, know why, at Godrej Agrovet, a woman employee does not need a special Women’s Day to celebrate and highlight her feminine energy. 

  • There is equal representation at every meeting table. 

  • The mothers don’t have to worry about where to leave their kids while they are at work. 

  • Women here enjoy equal pay, equal freedom of expression, and equal opportunities for promotions here. 

  • The company provides friendly maternity policies. This is not out of some government pressure. This is a way of life at Godrej. 

  • The company provides a range of opportunities to women to hone their skills. 

  • At Godrej Agrovet, you won’t have to look hard to find women managers and directors. You can easily #SeeHer. 

That’s why women at Godrej Agrovet need no Women’s Day. 

Every day is Women’s Day here!  

(Source: Godrej Agrovet Women’s Day video) 

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