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Azelis & Novozymes Expand Partnership in Malaysia for Agri-Environmental Solutions

Azelis, a company that provides specialty chemicals and food ingredients innovation services, has announced its plans to expand its collaboration with Novozymes, a leading provider of biological solutions.

Shivam Dwivedi
Azelis & Novozymes Expand Partnership in Malaysia for Agri-Environmental Solutions (Photo Source: Azelis twitter account)
Azelis & Novozymes Expand Partnership in Malaysia for Agri-Environmental Solutions (Photo Source: Azelis twitter account)

The expansion involves the distribution of Novozymes' bio-based agricultural products, which include microbial inoculants, biostimulants, and biocontrol solutions, in Malaysia.

This initiative builds on the successful partnership between Azelis and Novozymes in various markets across the Asia Pacific region, ranging from Home Care & Industrial Cleaning in the Philippines to Food & Nutrition in New Zealand. Novozymes' innovative biological solutions are generated from naturally existing microorganisms and biomolecules, which help boost agricultural performance, enhance nutrient utilization efficiency, and assist crops in dealing with abiotic challenges through natural processes.

By including Novozymes' breakthrough products in its portfolio, Azelis is strengthening its lateral value chain in the Agricultural & Environmental Solutions (A&ES) business. This enables the company to provide technical solutions that encompass the latest BioAg technology and solutions.

Muhammad Iqbal, Commercial Head Agriculture SEA at Novozymes, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating that they are excited to partner with Azelis to broaden the accessibility of their bio-based agricultural solutions to a wider range of consumers in Southeast Asia.

Antonius Prihantono, Azelis Asia Pacific Market Segment Director Agrochemicals, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting that BioAg products are the future of agriculture. He added that the collaboration would allow Azelis to benefit from Novozymes' knowledge and solutions as part of its long-term A&ES strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

The two companies will collaborate on designing field trial protocols, reviewing trial findings, and sharing best practices to achieve their mutual goal of delivering world-class BioAg solutions to the market.

With Azelis' established agrochemical presence and skilled sales and technical teams in the region, the partnership is poised to deliver growth opportunities for customers and enhance the sustainability of agriculture in the long run.

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