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Waterlab Solutions Introduces Innovative Approach to Groundwater Management with Bhujal App & Bhujal IoT

Waterlab Solutions is poised to expand its footprint across key states such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and MP, aiming to address water management needs on a national scale.

Shivam Dwivedi
Waterlab Solutions Introduces Innovative Approach to Groundwater Management with Bhujal App & Bhujal IoT (Photo Credit: rvimages / iStockphoto)
Waterlab Solutions Introduces Innovative Approach to Groundwater Management with Bhujal App & Bhujal IoT (Photo Credit: rvimages / iStockphoto)

Waterlab Solutions announces the introduction of its groundbreaking Bhujal App and Bhujal IoT devices, marking a significant advancement in groundwater management technology. With over 75,000 users within just one year of its inception, this patent application offers a non-intrusive method to monitor groundwater levels, without the need to dismantle borewells.

Borewells stand as a crucial source of groundwater for various purposes in India. However, due to their concealed nature, it has been challenging to accurately assess their water-holding capacity. Consequently, water abstraction has been carried out indiscriminately, leading to inefficient borewell management and wasteful groundwater utilization.

In 2019, Waterlab Solutions was founded by Vijay Gawade, an international water specialist, with the vision of mitigating groundwater depletion through innovative solutions. Combining the prowess of Internet of Things (IoT) technology with domain expertise, Waterlab Solutions offers digital solutions and consultancy services tailored to optimize water and water resource management.

Waterlab introduces the Bhujal Borewell Monitoring App, a simple, cost-effective, and scalable tool designed to enable individuals, communities, commercial entities, and governmental bodies to monitor water levels in borewells efficiently. The Bhujal App, available on the Google Play Store, is a multilingual Android application that eliminates the need for sensors or borewell openings to measure water levels. It empowers users to assess water availability in newly drilled or abandoned borewells, monitor agricultural and domestic borewells, and regulate borewell pumps for optimal water extraction.

Moreover, the Bhujal App serves as a macro-level tool for government groundwater agencies and research organizations, facilitating the development of digital platforms for geotagging and monitoring of groundwater wells, water budgeting, community-driven integrated water resource management solutions, and impact assessments in watershed and conservation programs.

In tandem with the Bhujal App, Waterlab Solution has also introduced the Bhujal IoT device, currently undergoing field testing. This device promises to revolutionize water management by enabling remote monitoring of borewells via smartphones, simplifying water resource tracking for users.

Waterlab Solutions collaborates with esteemed partners such as Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Human for People to People, CEPT University (Ahmedabad), and WaterAid (India), along with the Central Ground Water Board, to pilot groundwater monitoring initiatives across various sectors. Notably, Waterlab has completed the pilot project of the Aquifer Management Plan for Pune City under the Amrut 2 Mission, supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, utilizing the Bhujal App for borewell water level measurements and aquifer recharge studies.

In June 2023, the Central Ground Water Board collaborated with Waterlab Solutions in Bangalore to conduct a comprehensive assessment of water levels using the Bhujal App. Together, they meticulously measured 25 borewells, both with and without pumps, to gauge the accuracy of the application against actual water levels. Remarkably, the Bhujal App exhibited an impressive accuracy rate ranging from 98.5% to 100%, reaffirming its reliability as a vital tool in water resource management.

The relentless efforts of Waterlab Solutions have garnered recognition from prestigious platforms, including the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), where it was awarded the 2nd prize for Best Startup in Water Innovation in December 2023.

By offering tailored solutions for diverse stakeholders, including farmers, urban households, and governmental entities, Waterlab Solutions endeavours to empower users to make informed decisions and optimize water usage, thereby contributing to sustainable water resource management nationwide.

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