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Bayer Launches Yellow Watermelon Variety in India

Bayer has launched ‘Yellow Gold 48’ – India’s first-ever yellow watermelon variety, under its Seminis® brand of high-yielding vegetable seeds. The yellow watermelon has been made from superior germplasm as part of Bayer’s global research and development efforts.

Abha Toppo
Yellow melon
New Yellow Watermelon from Bayer Vegetable Seeds

Bayer has launched ‘Yellow Gold 48’ – India’s first-ever yellow watermelon variety, under its Seminis® brand of high-yielding vegetable seeds. The yellow watermelon has been made from superior germplasm as part of Bayer’s global research and development efforts.

The yellow watermelon variety has been introduced commercially in India after two years of local trials. With the use of this new variety, watermelon growers can benefit from improved yield potential, better disease and pest tolerance & high returns. For the consumers, the yellow variety is sure to offer a sensory delight and greater choice.

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Whats special about the new yellow watermelon

Apart from the novel yellow-coloured flesh, ‘Yellow Gold 48’ offers a distinct, sweet flavour. It has a thicker skin as compared to the red watermelon variety, enabling a longer shelf-life & reducing potential losses from damage during transportation from farms to markets

In addition, the yellow variety is best suited for cultivation from October to February and harvesting can be done from April onwards. The yellow watermelon will be available in the market from mid-July. 

Speaking about the new watermelon variety, Head of Bayer Vegetable Seeds of South Asia, K.E. Muthu said, “Yellow Gold 48 with its high yield & income potential will empower watermelon growers to diversify into new categories and meet the growing demand for exotic fruits. With 2021 designated by the UN as the ‘International Year of Fruits & Vegetables’, we have launched our innovative yellow watermelon to offer Indian consumers greater choice and create awareness on the nutritional benefits of fruits. We are also creating market linkages for yellow watermelon growers by connecting them directly to large buyers and food retail stores.”  

Interior of Bayer Yellow Gold 48 Watermelon

At present, Bayer’s yellow watermelon is available at a price range of Rs.10 per kg in local fruit markets and select modern retail stores in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. 

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How to differentiate the yellow watermelon variety from red ones

It must be noted that the yellow watermelon carries an external peelable sticker with the Bayer and ‘Seminis® Yellow Gold 48’ logos for clear differentiation as well as authentication. 

Bayer provides a total of 5 varieties of watermelons in the country under the Seminis® brand. Another new launch from the Company in 2021 includes the ‘Crimson B32’ red watermelon variety that comes with fewer seeds & an oblong shape.  

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