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Crystal Crops Acquires Sadanand Cotton Seeds Business From Kohinoor Seeds

Crystal Crops expects a significant rise in its earnings from the seeds division, projecting an approximate 20% growth. This marks Crystal's tenth acquisition in total and its fourth in the seeds sector.

Vivek Singh
Crystal Crops Acquires Sadanand Cotton Seeds Business From Kohinoor Seeds (Photo Courtesy: Crystal Crop Protection Limited/Linked)
Crystal Crops Acquires Sadanand Cotton Seeds Business From Kohinoor Seeds (Photo Courtesy: Crystal Crop Protection Limited/Linked)

Crystal Crop Protection Limited has expanded its range of cotton seeds through a strategic purchase of the Sadanand Cotton Seeds business from Kohinoor Seeds. This acquisition aligns with Crystal's mission of offering comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions to those involved in the cotton seed industry. Crystal Crops has consistently showcased its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, contributing to increased agricultural productivity and crop yields for farmers throughout the nation.

Crystal's seeds division has experienced substantial growth recently through both organic and inorganic expansion. The company is now a prominent player in the seed industry, covering segments like cotton, mustard, fodder, sorghum, and pearl millet. Their strategic acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds from Kohinoor Seeds is expected to boost their seed division's revenues by approximately 20 percent, marking their tenth addition to their strategic portfolio and fourth investment in the seeds sector.

Satyender Singh, the CEO of Seeds at Crystal Crop Protection, conveyed his positive outlook, saying, "This strategic purchase will not only strengthen our position in the Cotton Seeds sector but will also significantly expand our footprint in the wider Seeds industry."

Commenting on the acquisition, Pawan Kansal, Managing Director, Kohinoor Seed Fields India Private Limited said: "We are delighted that Crystal Crop Protection has acquired ‘Sadanand’. Crystal Crop Protection is a leading company in the segment and has been making giant strides in this space through focus on innovation and digitalisation. We believe that this acquisition will provide a unique synergy of strengths to build the brand further."

Previous acquisitions include taking over Bayer's Cotton, Pearl Millet, Mustard, and Sorghum portfolios in 2021 and acquiring agrochemical and seed brands from multinational corporations like Syngenta, FMC, and Dow-Corteva. Additionally, they expanded their manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of a production facility from the Solvay group in Nagpur in 2018.

Crystal is solidifying its position as a dynamic player in the agricultural industry by upholding its dedication to innovation, quality, and strategic growth. This acquisition is a valuable addition to Crystal's diverse agricultural portfolio. The Sadanand brand is renowned for its top-notch cotton seeds, which have earned the trust of farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural field over time. By integrating Sadanand into its portfolio, Crystal aims to further empower farmers with research-backed, high-quality cotton seed varieties and advanced agricultural solutions.

Crystal's acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds underscores the company's commitment to sustainable agriculture and its mission to contribute to the prosperity of Indian farmers. This strategic investment highlights Crystal's unwavering dedication to research, development, and innovation within the agricultural sector.

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