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Good News for Toffee Lovers! Campco Launches Jackfruit Eclairs

Campco, India’s leading chocolate manufacturer, has launched jackfruit éclairs.

Shipra Singh
Campco building
Campco building

Mangalore-based cooperative giant Campco has launched a new kind of éclairs with jackfruit filling in it. There are numerous health benefits of jackfruit and that is why the company has selected it. For example, it has high protein, fiber, Vitamin B, and potassium and low calories and carbohydrate. Campco has decided to do value addition by creating and introducing a confectionary item under the category of éclairs.  

About Jackfruit eclairs 

According to Campco President Kishor Kumar Kodgi, “Jackfruit Eclair is a modified toffee containing an outer shell of caramel and the centre filling of high-quality cream enriched with jackfruit powder.” 

“Jackfruit Eclair is one such experiment. It will first reach the market in Karnataka, after which we will expand it to other parts of the country. We will launch it in Kerala soon. More of such innovative value-added products will be launched in the near future,” he added. 

About 100 kg of jackfruit flesh is required to produce a tone of toffees. Campco will procure jackfruits from different parts of Kerala and Karnataka.  

At present, Jackfruit éclairs are available in pet jars containing 80 pieces. One éclair costs Rs. 2. It has a shelf life of 9 months, according to Managing Director of Campco HM Krishnakumar.  

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Jackfruit éclairs was launched during the 49th Campco Foundation Day on July 12. On this occasion, the cooperative also launched its 14th sales depot in Junagadh, Gujarat, and a new hazelnut choco spread.  

About Campco 

Campco stands for Central Arecanut & Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative Limited. It was established on July 11, 1973 through a joint venture between governments of Kerala and Karnataka to fight the arecanut and cocoa marketing crisis in the industry and help arecanut and cocoa growers.  

Today, Campco has become one of the most popular chocolate manufacturers in India. The brand is a household name. No chocolate lover may have ever missed eating a Campco chocolate. The headquarters of Campco is in Mangalore. Its branches are spread across the country.

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