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Insecticides (India) launches Made in India Insecticide “Dominant” for Paddy & Cotton

Leading agrochemical manufacturer,Insecticides (India) Ltd.(IIL) has launched ‘Dominant’, a new systemic, third-generationneonicotinoid group of insecticidesthat will provide the control of brown plant hopper in paddy and sucking pests in Cotton.

KJ Staff

Leading agrochemical manufacturer, Insecticides (India) Ltd.(IIL) has launched ‘Dominant’, a new systemic, third-generation neonicotinoid group of insecticides that will provide the control of brown plant hopper in paddy and sucking pests in Cotton.  

This is the first time that this technical and formulation will be made in India. 

“IIL has a proud lineage of promoting and investing in R&D. Dominant is a testimony to our dedicated efforts to bring the best within the reach of even common and marginal farmers. Its unique mode of action which gives longer and effective control on targets pests which may not be effectively controlled by other molecules. This product was being imported in India till now, and I am glad that this will now be manufactured in India and will benefit more number of farmers. BPH is one of the main pests in paddy which may cause huge losses if not controlled well in time. Dominant is a fast action insecticide due to which target pests stop damaging the crop after its spray and start dying within few hours. Its unique mode of action gives longer & effective control.Its translaminar action ensures that even if it is sprayed on the upper surface of the leaves, it gets translocated to the lower surface and controls the target insects hiding in the lower side of leaf. We are confident that Dominant will prove promising and will benefit large number of farmers this kharif season.,” says Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd. 

“Active Ingredient (AI) of Dominant is Dinotefuran 20% SG that makes it an effective contact insecticide anddoes not require ingestion by the insect to be effective. Dominant keeps the crop green and healthy resulting improved quality and productivity, due to its high efficacy on target pests. In the north India markets, this product will add value to the farmers and they will be benefited by its use”, said Mr. Sanjay Vats, Vice President, Insecticides (India) Limited.  

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