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Protest Erupt as Opposition Grows Against Solar Projects on Pasture Land

Environmentalists and concerned citizens hope that their united voices will resonate with the government and compel them to take immediate action to protect these invaluable lands.

Shivam Dwivedi
Protests Erupt as Opposition Grows Against Solar Projects on Pasture Land (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Protests Erupt as Opposition Grows Against Solar Projects on Pasture Land (Photo Source: Pixabay)

In a continued battle to protect the district's valuable pasture lands, environmental enthusiasts are preparing to stage a symbolic sit-in protest outside the collectorate from June 6 to 9. The protest aims to draw attention to the government's disregard for the preservation of these lands and to urge the authorities to take immediate action. Environmentalists from various parts of the country are expected to join the demonstration in solidarity.

The allocation of pasture lands for solar power plants has been a contentious issue in the district for several years. Despite numerous efforts to save these lands, including previous protests and circumambulations, little progress has been made. Sumer Singh Bhati, a concerned resident of Degrai, highlighted that the government has paid little attention to the pleas of the people. Astonishingly, these pasture lands, which are essential for the survival of wildlife and cattle, are not even registered in the revenue records. Consequently, they have become vulnerable to destruction and are being allocated to solar and wind energy companies.

Parth Jagani, an environmentalist, pointed out that this issue dates back to the time of independence when the pasture lands were not officially registered in the revenue records. As a result, the government has become the sole owner of these lands, leading to their degradation and the loss of critical wildlife habitats and grazing areas. Despite numerous memorandums submitted to the government and efforts to register the lands in the revenue records, progress has been slow and discouraging. Government officials have been returning the files with baseless reasons, displaying a negative attitude and a lack of concern for the issue at hand.

Vimal Gopa, a dedicated social activist, emphasized the long-standing struggle of the local community to have the pasture lands properly registered in the government records. For decades, people have been submitting countless documents to the secretariat and conducting surveys of the lands, all in vain. The lack of progress in addressing this matter is deeply concerning, and the insensitivity displayed by public representatives and administrative officers is morally wrong.

The upcoming sit-in protest aims to shed light on the urgent need to preserve these pasture lands, which are not only crucial for the sustenance of wildlife and livestock but also play a significant role in maintaining the ecological balance of the region.

The district collectorate is expected to receive a memorandum during the sit-in protest, outlining the demands of the demonstrators and urging the government to intervene. The hope is that this concerted effort will finally prompt the authorities to recognize the importance of registering the pasture lands in the revenue records, safeguarding them from future encroachments, and ensuring their long-term preservation for the benefit of the community and the environment at large.

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