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INTERFEL Brings French Apples to Indian Market

Bringing the finest quality French apples to the country and celebrating the unwavering commitment of its growers to sustainability.

KJ Staff
(L-R) Suman Agarwal, Chef Juliano, Sami Bouakaze
(L-R) Suman Agarwal, Chef Juliano, Sami Bouakaze

This Fall, INTERFEL(InterbranchAssociationforFreshFrenchFruitandVegetables) makes a grand entrance into the Indian market, highlighting France's prestigious status as Europe's third largest fruit producer and introducing a rich assortment of French Apples to India.

Consumers can embark on a flavourful journey and experience the crispness and sweetness of classics as well as new varieties of apples that will be available across Reliance Retail and Nature Basket.

Among the thousands of apple varieties worldwide, nearly 100 flourish in French orchards, with around 30 cultivated on a large scale. In India, consumers can indulge in the richness of French apples, including popular varieties such as Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady®, Pixie, Candine®, Jazz™, Envy™, Zingy®& Kissabel®.

France's orchards have been graced with exceptional weather during spring and summer, promising a harvest of apples that are not just colourful, but also irresistibly crisp, beautiful and delicious. Anticipate a plentiful yield, with France set to produce 1.5 million tonnes,
making an 8% increase from the previous year. While the overall European harvest is expected to be smaller at 11 million tonnes, France proudly secures its place as the third largest apple producer in Europe, following Poland and Italy.

Beyond the abundance, INTERFEL is dedicated to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices among French growers.
For over 20 years, French apple growers have embraced an eco-responsible production process, dedicated to cultivating healthy, flavourful, and high-quality fruits. Their commitment extends beyond mere cultivation; it involves the implementation of environmentally friendly
methods that preserve orchard biodiversity and maintain the economic equilibrium of fruit farms.

Sustainability, for the growers, transcends the orchards. It encompasses comprehensive practices, including efficient waste management, biocontrol techniques, thoughtful pollination methods, delivery, and more. This holistic approach underscores their dedication to not only delivering exceptional fruits but also safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

In a remarkable initiative, nearly 1,300 French apple growers, certified as “Eco-friendly orchards” have dedicated themselves to a noble cause to cultivate French Apples that are not only rich in taste but also environmentally friendly and healthy.

In an endeavour to introduce the authenticity of French produce to India, INTERFEL partnered with Chef Juliano of Thea - The Epicurean ClubHouse. Together, they orchestrated a remarkable event in Mumbai on 8th November 2023 During the culinary extravaganza, Chef Juliano showcased his culinary expertise by presenting a delightful 5-course menu inspired by the exquisite flavours of French apples. This collaboration exemplified the fusion of French agricultural excellence with culinary mastery, bringing a taste of France to the heart of

The attendees were captivated by the expertise of the French delegates as they and delved into the heart of the produce, farming, unique conditions that nurture the apple varieties.

From November 9th to 19th 2023, customers can embark on a culinary journey at Thea and indulge in the limited-time French apple-inspired menu, where every dish is a masterpiece of flavours.

Indulge in sophisticated main courses like Sous vide Chicken COQ Au Vin with Apple Jus, and Grilled melange of apples togarashi chiffon veggies & rocket miso maple chilly dressing paired with Homemade Vegan Cheese. End your meal on a sweet note with Core stuffed Mirine
Poached Apple + With 70% Chocolate and saniketthu salt caramel coffee sauce.

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