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Nestle India's Biodigester Project Converts Cattle Manure into Clean Biogas, Cutting Carbon Footprint

Nestle India's Biodigester Project converts cattle manure into clean biogas, reducing emissions and supporting regenerative agriculture in Punjab and Haryana's dairy farms.

Shivam Dwivedi
Nestle India's Biodigester Project Empowers Dairy Farmers Towards a Sustainable Future
Nestle India's Biodigester Project Empowers Dairy Farmers Towards a Sustainable Future

Nestle India is showcasing its strong commitment to responsible sourcing and emissions reduction from dairy farms through the 'Biodigester Project'. This initiative utilizes biodigester technology to convert cattle manure into clean biogas, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of dairy operations. The residual slurry serves as natural fertilizer, promoting regenerative agriculture. Nestle India plans to install nearly 70 large biodigesters and over 3,000 small biodigesters in 24 districts across Punjab and Haryana.

Utilizing Biogas Technology for Sustainable Farming

Small dairy farms, where cattle manure is left exposed, are significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions. By utilizing biodigesters, the manure undergoes microbial breakdown to produce biogas, which can replace LPG and fuelwood, reducing health hazards associated with smoke exposure and providing immediate financial benefits to farmers. Additionally, large biodigesters are capable of generating renewable electricity, further benefiting the environment.

Sanjay Khajuria, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Nestle India, commented, “Nestle India's Biodigester Project aligns with India's sustainability goals, optimizing resources and promoting regenerative agriculture. Biogas production reduces farmers’ reliance on fossil fuels, while bio-fertilizers reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers, enabling farmers to invest more in their farms and well-being.”

Mandeep Kaur, a dairy farmer from Jalalabad village in Moga district, Punjab, shared, “We are among the first families in our village to adopt biodigester technology. It has made us self-sufficient for most farm needs, saving money and effort. The biogas has replaced cooking fuel, eliminating smoke and health risks associated with firewood.”

Nestle India's Commitment to Sustainable Dairy Farming

Nestle India aims for a future where thriving dairy communities coexist with a healthy planet. The company has engaged approximately 80,000 dairy farmers across India to bolster the milk economy. Initiatives include encouraging tree planting for carbon sequestration and providing access to low-emission feed, ensuring stable livelihoods while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy operations.

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