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Syngenta India to Establish Vande Bharat Park for Community Well-being in Balotra, Rajasthan

The Vande Bharat Park initiative by Syngenta India signifies a concerted effort towards community enhancement and well-being.

Shivam Dwivedi
Syngenta India to Establish Vande Bharat Park for Community Well-being in Balotra, Rajasthan
Syngenta India to Establish Vande Bharat Park for Community Well-being in Balotra, Rajasthan

One significant step toward promoting community welfare is Syngenta India's announcement that it will be converting a piece of land next to the Balotra Railway station into a park. The Vande Bharat Park, as it is named, is envisioned to provide locals with a refreshing environment, featuring various amenities tailored for their well-being. The Vande Bharat Park is designed to prioritize the health and convenience of its users. It will encompass walking paths, children's swings, an open gym, and lush flower-bearing hedges and trees. These features aim to offer residents a serene space to breathe clean air and engage in physical activities, thereby promoting their overall health and wellness.

Safety and Convenience at the Forefront

To ensure a safe and secure environment, the park will be enclosed with fencing on all sides. Adequate lighting through electricity poles will illuminate the area during evening hours, enhancing safety for visitors. Separate male and female toilet blocks and a drinking water station will further contribute to the comfort and convenience of park-goers.

The foundation stone for Vande Bharat Park was laid by Kailash Chaudhary, MP Barmer-Jaisalmer and Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. This ceremony marked a significant milestone towards enriching community life and well-being in Balotra.

Chaudhary commended Syngenta India's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in addressing socio-economic challenges. He lauded the company's proactive response during crises, including the pandemic and floods, where it provided vital support to affected communities.

Syngenta India's Commitment to Community Welfare

Susheel Kumar, Managing Director and Country Head of Syngenta India, reaffirmed the company's dedication to supporting rural communities nationwide. He highlighted various initiatives, such as installing hand pumps and RO facilities, aimed at improving the lives of people across different regions.

Dr. KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer at Syngenta India, expressed optimism about the park's potential to empower women, children, and the elderly, enhancing their physical, mental, and social well-being. He thanked the Nagar Palika and the Railways for their collaboration in this endeavor.

The inaugural ceremony saw the presence of several dignitaries, including Dr. Arun Chaudhary, MLA, Pachpadra, Sumitra Jain, Chairperson, Hemlata Sundesh, Co-Chairperson of Balotra Nagar Palika,  Babusingh Rajguru, Zila Adhyaksh Balotra, Hanuman Chaudhary, Head of Jodhpur, and Pawan Kumar Sikarwar, Head Barmer region of Syngenta India Pvt Ltd.

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