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UPL Collaborates with TeleSense® to Increase Profitability for Farmers and Reduce Food Waste

UPL Ltd. on 4th February 2021 announced a strategic partnership with TeleSense®, a California-based IoT innovator revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage as well as transport.

Abha Toppo
Raj shroff
CEO of UPL, Jai Shroff

UPL Ltd. on 4th February 2021 announced a strategic partnership with TeleSense®, a California-based IoT innovator revolutionizing post-harvest grain storage as well as transport. 

The Company will help TeleSense strengthen its sales channel by bringing in monitoring solutions for post-harvest commodity storage and transport to several stakeholders across the agriculture value chain.    

CEO of UPL, Jai Shroff said, “Through our OpenAg Purpose, we collaborate with innovative partners to facilitate progress towards reducing food waste while enabling farmer resilience”. He added, “With around one third of global food production lost annually because of food waste, this is a problem our industry cannot ignore. Our partnership with TeleSense represents a new vision for how grain is stored, handled & transported by creating a more efficient, data-driven supply chain that will decrease food waste, improve food quality & increase sustainability.” 

TeleSense uses scalable sensor technology on AI platform to check the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels of stored grain. It leverages fixed & portable sensors to observe the current and future condition of stored grain, while automating the detection as well as mitigation of potential issues like hotspots, excess moisture, or pests. Machine learning algorithms provide consumers with alerts required to effectively manage & predict grain quality, ensure safety, improve operational efficiency & increase profitability. Incorporating TeleSense technology to UPL’s portfolio complements its robust range of gas monitoring, safety & detection devices and fumigants.  

Co-Founder and CEO of TeleSense, Naeem Zafar said, “Our partnership with UPL represents an unprecedented commitment to reducing food waste, ensuring food security, delivering supply chain sustainability, and increasing profitability for growers”. He said, “The food value chain continues to evolve & become more complex. It takes disruptive innovation to deliver solutions which will keep up with the rate of change & TeleSense is uniquely positioned to lead the way in delivering the future of post-harvest grain management.” 

Combining the potency of UPL’s international footprint with TeleSense’s innovative expertise will provide new solutions to meeting the requirements of developed as well developing nations. The joint venture aligns with UPL’s aim to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and its mission to make every single food product more sustainable.    

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