'We are Focusing on Human Resources' Capacity Building,' Says H.E. Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, AARDO

Left - MC Dominic, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Krishi Jagran; Right - H.E. Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, General Secretary, AARDO
Left - MC Dominic, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Krishi Jagran; Right - H.E. Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, General Secretary, AARDO

The African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO), established in 1962 is an intergovernmental organization that stands as a symbol of solidarity between Africa and Asia, with a primary focus on rural development. Recently, the founder and editor-in-chief of Krishi Jagran MC Dominic engaged in an enlightening conversation with H.E. Dr Manoj Nardeosingh, General Secretary, AARDO.

His Excellency emphasized the crucial role of an interconnected approach between Asia and Africa, particularly highlighting the significance of rural and agricultural development. He shared insights into the government's willingness to exchange strategies for addressing rural issues. The General Secretary said, "We are focusing on human resources' capacity building and providing support for the enhancement of human resources in AARDO's member countries."

AARDO's Affordable Technology Menu (ATM)

AARDO's contributions span various aspects, including women and youth empowerment, infrastructural development, technology transfer, expert exchanges, and tackling basic challenges in rural areas through accessible and affordable technology. His Excellency, Dr Manoj Nardeosingh highlighted the establishment of an ATM-Affordable Technology Menu, aligning with the strategic framework until 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The General Secretary further highlighted AARDO's plans to leverage technology to address rural issues in both Asian and African countries, fostering collaboration among nations with varying economic development levels. He stressed the importance of sharing advancements for collective progress.  He said, "When these countries come together, they can share whatever has been advanced in their countries." 

In connection with the United Nations, AARDO actively supports their programs. His Excellency discussed AARDO's engagement in the International Year of Millets in 2023, organizing training programs, workshops, and publications. A Millet Advancement Alliance round table conference was held, involving participants from approximately 12 countries.

H.E. Applauds MFOI Awards 2023

He further commended the Millionaire Farmer of India (MFOI) initiative by Krishi Jagran and its impact on changing perceptions about farming. He highlighted the need for such programs to inspire and guide farmers, not only in India but also in African countries.

Future Vision

Discussing AARDO's vision, the General- Secretary talked of the importance of integrating more science and technology into society. He said, “Advanced countries can share their own experiences and technologies for greater dissemination in the agricultural and rural sectors of Asia and Africa." The vision involves bringing vibrancy to de-risk agricultural activities, changing mentalities, and connecting rural areas with markets to foster overall development.

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