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50% Subsidy on Super Seeder in Punjab, Farmer Makes Field Ready For Cultivation Without Stubble Burning

In bit to reduce the effects of stubble burning, the father-son duo are setting example for other farmers by using super seeder.

Aysha Anam

Delhi is engulfed with a thick cover of smog, while stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana are causing serious health issues to the residents living in areas nearby. Amid the majority of farmers burning the crop residue, there is a story of a farmer who is using alternatives to cultivate his field without stubble burning. 

Father-son duo, Amarpaal and Harjaab, are setting an example by using super seeder technology to cultivate their fields. 

What is Super Seeder?

Super Seeder is a very economical option for farmers to get rid of stubble burning. Not much maintenance is required. It has a seed planter and rotary tiller. It can be handled with ease and help in cultivation, mulching sowing, and fertilizer spreading together at a time. The super seeders come in tyne and disc models. 

How to Use Super Seeder

"Sprinkle the water on the field, then sprinkle DAP, then go ahead with the process of mulching," said the farmer, Harjaab. 

Recently, the Punjab Government announced 50% Subsidy on Super Seeder machine. The state government has been taking precautionary measures to lessen the burden of stubble burning. 

He further said, "Crop has given us great output with the use of super seeder,"

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