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70-year-old Banyan Tree Uprooted by Heavy Rainfall; Replanted at Sircilla, Telangana

A 70-year-old Banyan tree that had collapsed due to heavy rainfall in Konaraopet has been replanted. The old giant tree was translocated and now standing in the Sircilla collector’s office, Telangana.

Ayushi Raina
70-year-old Banyan tree in Konaraopet that had collapsed owing to severe rainfall
70-year-old Banyan tree in Konaraopet that had collapsed owing to severe rainfall

A 70-year-old Banyan tree in Konaraopet that had collapsed owing to severe rainfall has been replanted. The original giant tree was relocated and is currently on display at the Sircilla collector's office in Telangana. 

Telangana Rashtra Samithi J Santosh Kumar and Sircilla MLA KTR backed the environmentalists' efforts, while nature enthusiast Debbala Prakash resurrected a 70-year-old tree which had toppled due to excessive rains. 

On Sunday, the massive tree was hauled from Suddala village in Rajanna Sirisilla district's Konaraupeta Mandal and transplanted near the Sirisilla district collectorate office. 

Heavy cranes from the state capital, Hyderabad, were pressed into service for transportation. 

70-year-old banyan tree replanted 

Four months ago, a 70-year-old Banyan tree collapsed and was uprooted on the outskirts of Suddala village in Konaraopet Mandal in Rajanna Sircilla district, in the agricultural land of Burra Bhumaiah Goud and Burra Ramesh Goud. Due to lack of water, it started drying up and appeared as though it was dead. 

Dr. Dobbala Prakash, who believed in the dictum Vriksha Rakshitah Raksha, was upset by the collapse of the Banyan tree, which provided shelter to both humans and birds.

He thought that a sufficient amount of water could bring the tree back to life. 

He immediately informed farmers Bhumaiah and Ramesh that he would transplant the tree, after which he obtained permission from Dobbala Das, the owner of a neighboring field, to collect water from his well. 

Ramesh, who works as Telangana Sanskriti Sarathi in the Rajanna Sircilla PRO office, watered the tree for two months while attending to his official duties. Prakash's efforts were successful, and the tree began to sprout new leaves. In no time, the tree responded well with green leaves and new roots. 

A special route was built to move the tree from Suddhala Village in Konaraopet Mandal to the new Collectorate office, which is 6 kms away from where it fell. 

Meanwhile, two enormous branches from the tree were planted in Tangannapalli mandal's Zillella forest region. 

MP Placed a Specific Emphasis on Transplanting 

TRS MP J Santosh Kumar took special care of the programme and was in constant contact with Prakash. Green India Challenge Co-Founder Raghava was also in contact with Prakash and conveyed communication to the MP on a regular basis. 

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