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7th Pay Commission: Government Employee’s Expect Revised Fitment Factor

7th Pay Commission: It is expected that in 2024, the Fitment factor for the central government employee will be increased depending on the 7th pay commission recommendations. However, no official announcement yet.

Vivek Singh
7th Pay Commission  - Central Government employees may hear a good news by the next year as Centre can revise fitment factor
7th Pay Commission - Central Government employees may hear a good news by the next year as Centre can revise fitment factor

After getting a hike in DA (Dearness Allowance), the employees of the Central Government are willing the revision the Fitment Factor. In other words, they are looking forward to getting a hike in their salary. The Centre may make a decision soon in this regard.

A report says that in the Lok Sabha elections which are going to be held next year, the talk about the revision of the fitment factor for a government employee is going to be a lot. The report additionally said that the Central government may consider the revision of the Fitment Factor. If this happens, government employees may hear good news by the next year.

Salary to Increase After Fitment Factor Revision

After the Fitment Factor modification, the employees' base pay will significantly increase. Based on the recommendations of the 7th pay commission, it is anticipated that the Fitment factor will be enhanced in 2024. However, no formal declaration has been made yet.

The employees' fitment factor is currently 2.57, as per the 7th Pay Commission. It is anticipated that employees' basic salaries will increase from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000 as a result of the Fitment Factor's modification. Now, the government is under pressure from the employees to increase the fitment factor to 3.68.

Haryana Hikes DA by 4%

The dearness allowance (DA) for state government employees would increase by 4%, the Haryana government announced on Thursday. With the most recent increase, the dearness allowance will increase from its current rate of 38 to 42 percent of the basic wage as of January 1, 2023.

The Haryana government said that the increased DA will be paid with the April payment and that any arrears from January to March 2023 would be paid in May.

Himachal Hikes DA by 3%

On the occasion of the 76th Himachal Day, the Himachal Pradesh government has approved a 3% increase in Dearness Allowance for state government employees. The announcement was made by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

Previously receiving a 31 percent DA, retirees and state government employees will now receive a 34 percent DA. Around 2.15 million employees and 1.90 million retirees will profit from the decision. According to a statement from the state administration, it will also create an additional burden to the state's exchequer of roughly Rs 500 crore.

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