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ACFI Seminar on Role of Plant Protection Chemicals in Sustainable Agriculture

ACFI has established itself as a true platform for policy interventions and a vocal flag-waver for the entire Indian Agro Chemical Industry in a transparent and democratic manner.

Kritika Madhukar
The aim of ACFI is to achieve Sustainability in the Agriculture sector
The aim of ACFI is to achieve Sustainability in the Agriculture sector

ACFI took that step forward with a seminar on “Role of Plant Protection Chemicals in Sustainable Agriculture,” on 28 June, Kolkata, with the members of Industry, Government, Agriculture University, and Agro-Chemical Association.

The aim of ACFI is to achieve Sustainability in the Agriculture sector for the overall benefit of all the stakeholders. We are committed to promoting the safe & judicious use of agrochemicals and the promotion of new technologies & products that are eco-friendly.

The Indian Agriculture and allied segment have consistently grown even during the epidemic time. Whereas more than 50% of the Indians directly or indirectly depend on agriculture, the segment contributes to only 17% of the GDP. Going back 50-60 years ago, the Green

Revolution remained the most defining phase of Indian agriculture. An input-intensive and technology-focused approach helped India avert potential famines and meet its food security needs by reducing food imports.

But today, in the face of reducing land holdings, massive urbanization, hostile climate, droughts, floods, etc.

Agriculture becoming risk-making and nonprofitable day by day. At this point in time, we need to understand about sustainable and resilient agriculture framework to balance food security and environmental sustainability.

The industry, farmers, and the government continue to work together and progress well on reforms and new initiatives to solve the present challenges in Indian agriculture and achieve a sustainable future.

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